The Importance of Compressed Air in Medical Facilities

Updated on August 8, 2022
The Importance of Compressed Air in Medical Facilities

Does your hospital or clinic have a safe and reliable compressed air system? This technology is important for medical facilities because it’s used in patient care, within the operating room, in air filtration duct systems, and for maintenance. Below you’ll find the common uses of this system, standards for quality, and what parts to maintain.

Common Medical Compressor Uses

During patient care or in the operating room, a medical air compressor provides clean, contaminate-free oxygen through ventilators and incubators, administers anesthetic agents, and powers surgical tools. Additionally, hospitals and medical clinics need pure and dry air for patients and staff delivered through the air duct systems. This keeps the oxygen sanitary and clean—which is especially important in the medical industry when health is of utmost importance.

Quality Standards

First and foremost, the compressed air system must be particle and contaminate-free to ensure the delivery of the purest, high-quality air possible with no odors. The most damaging contamination is water because it negatively affects the compressor when a buildup of the liquid could promote bacteria and mold growth. It’s extremely important that technicians and the medical facility staff test the air quality regularly throughout the day to monitor patterns or mistakes within the appliance.

Parts To Maintain

The following parts in the compressor are essential in removing water from the system and need proper maintenance to ensure the appliance is working in a quality condition. The system must have a compatible air dryer that is efficient in removing the water buildup. Seals and cooler drains can also lead to moisture or water exposure and will need regular checks and replacements when they are faulty. Lastly, medical sterile air filters are vital in removing contaminants other than water like residue from iron, rust, or steel.

Air compressors are a critical component of hospitals and clinics. Remember to perform regular checks and maintenance to prevent corrosion, mold growth, and other damages to the system. Take great care of your system to ensure quality care for your patients.