The Health Benefits of a Clean Car

Updated on April 14, 2021
The Health Benefits of a Clean Car

A clean car is a happy car, and a happy car means a happier and healthier you. That carries over to every part of your personal life and, if you use your car in daily work activities, your business as well. Make a goal to keep your car clean and safe and it’ll pay it forward when it comes finances and passengers’ health. To help inspire you and get you started, here are the health benefits of a clean car.

Clean Cars Run Better and Last Longer

One of the simplest things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle is also one of the least inexpensive and most effective. Cleaning your car makes the exterior look better and keeps the resale value up, but it also works to fight rust, corrosion, and dirt and grime build-up that can interfere with performance. Clean cars are also use less fuel; clean and waxed vehicles become more aerodynamic, which reduces resistance and therefore helps the car to burn less fuel. Put the car in park, clean it up, and wipe it down inside and out, or spring for detailing. Getting a good detailing also ensures every inch of the car is cleaned, treated, and ready to roll.

Safe Driving

Would you rather drive with a dirty or clean windshield? Silly question, right? Well, carry that over to every part of the car, because leaving any part dirty comes with its own set of health hazards. You want nothing less than 100 percent visibility in your car’s entire windshield. Be sure the windshield wipers are up to date too, otherwise you could end up with streaky, opaque windows. Keeping the interior clean is also important. A good detailer can keep it dust- and allergen-free and ensure bacteria, animal waste, tar, and other chemicals don’t build up in the carpets and interior. Regularly replace all your air filters as well. Keep all that in mind for transporting passengers with medical conditions affected by environmental conditions.

Better Mental Health

Physically, a good clean up can get all the bad stuff out of the car, leaving more space for invisible and intangible things such as self-confidence, clarity, and professionalism. A clean car means no distractions and extra tasks. It’s a blank slate that allows you to think about the business at hand and in the future. It also testifies that you’re a serious individual who tackles small issues before they become big problems. Keep your car clean and you make things easier for yourself, lending you extra peace of mind.

Safe Environment for Passengers

Transporting passengers with health problems? When considering the health benefits of a clean car, keep in mind passengers’ needs. As mentioned above, patients with respiratory issues require clean, particle-free air. But also consider passengers with mobility issues by keeping your vehicle clutter-free. Clean it up for them!