The Best Spots for IV Therapy in Century City

Updated on June 10, 2022

IV therapy provides your body with many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. Specialized formulas address specific deficiencies, health symptoms, or problems. When taking oral supplements, your body must break them down and digest them, reducing how much nutrients your body can use. These IV therapy formulas can get straight to work, bypassing many roadblocks of other supplements.

IV therapy in Century City can help you feel, work, and play your best every day. But where do you find it? You have a few options, so let’s start with those closest to home.

Next|Health IV Therapy – Century City

The IV Lounge at Next|Health IV Therapy in Century City is a state-of-the-art relaxation and wellness room where you sit back and let full-body massagers ease tension while receiving your IV drip. While here, you can use the time to rejuvenate and unwind or feel free to use your phone or laptop. The real work is being done by the power-packed IV formula of your choice. 

There are many IV formulas available, and a medical professional can meet with you to discuss which IV formula is best suited to your needs. In addition, wellness tests may help determine how your body can benefit from IV therapy, and some tests can be completed at home.

Beverly Hills IV Therapy – Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills IV Therapy has locations worldwide, with more scheduled to open soon in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Singapore. Their high-quality IV therapies can address immunity, beauty, and wellbeing and were formulated with CEO Deborah Alessi and her husband, a biochemist. They also offer NAD+ treatment, an IV facial, and the Alessi skincare line of products. 

IV Vitamin Therapy – LA, Beverly Hills

The IV, Vitamin Therapy clinic, is a state-of-the-art medical facility based in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles that also offers house calls to Century City and elsewhere in the region. Their IV therapies are tailored to a patient’s specific medical needs and may even treat chronic infections, fatigue, weight loss, and eyesight. In addition to IV therapy, they provide NAD infusion therapy, ketamine treatments, and vitamin injections. 

The Cure IV – Los Angeles

The Cure IV offers a variety of IV treatments specially formulated to relieve headaches, cure jet lag, boost immunity, and even help recover from the common flu. They can create a custom blend to address your unique needs, and you may supplement any of their IV therapies with a boost that can include vitamins or even prescriptions to relieve pain or allergies. In addition, the Cure IV is a booking platform that allows you to set up IV therapy in Century City with a mobile provider.

Drip IV Therapy – Los Angeles 

The Los Angeles-based Drip IV Therapy company services much of southern California and offers IV therapy in Century City. They have a menu of 21 formulas, including Vitamin D + Immunity and Weight Loss, and a team of over 25 experienced registered nurses ready to come to you. Their add-on treatments may contain vitamins, vital amino acids, or prescriptions such as Toradol for pain or Zofran for nausea. With an IV Membership Plan, you can purchase treatments in advance and even share them with friends.

I. VIE Hydration – Los Angeles

I. VIE Hydration is a mobile provider offering IV therapy in Century City with a unique menu of IV therapies that include treatments for food poisoning and relaxationando more common therapies such as the Myers’ Cocktail, a Vitamin C boost, and a Hangover Recovery. You may supplement your IV therapy with an NAD+ shot that takes 10 minutes compared to many NAD+ infusions. Their small team is committed to helping you feel your best.

Nenergy Boost – West Hollywood

You can choose from several specially formulated IV therapies at Nenergy Boost, plus supplemental services such as nasal or ear insufflation for a monthly membership. Their IV formulas include fat burning, immunity, chelation, and ozone therapy. Ozone therapy may help stimulate the immune system and may be added to other ozone therapies.

High doses of premium quality nutrients in a power-punched formula designed for you are a great way to improve your overall wellness, primarily when delivered through IV. Your body can absorb them and put them to work quickly and efficiently. With IV therapy in Century City, you can get to feeling, looking, playing, and being your best in no time, and you have plenty of options to make it happen.