The Best Bongs of 2023

Updated on January 7, 2024

A bong can be a status symbol among smokers; it’s one that tells other people what type of smoker you are. Whether you want a simple tool to puff pass with your friends or you are looking for something at the higher end of the price range, there are different tools for different purposes. Whatever you are looking for, there are plenty of options to send you soaring with just the right amount of style. 

With the rise of the dab and vape, a lot of people fell out of love with bongs. The bong never went anywhere; it’s still here, and it’s doing the job it has always done. It’s a safe and reliable way to consume your favorite smoke. 

Here are some of the top bongs for 2023, according to My Bong Shop

Designer Glass Beaker Bong

If you really want to enjoy the flavour of your smoke, there is nothing better than a bong, whether you’re smoking alone or in a group session. The glass beaker is a classic for a reason. The greatest benefit of a beaker bong is its large base. It provides you with a better filtration system, so when you start burning your plant of choice, the smoke starts to heat when it hits the water. This creates a vapour that provides a much smoother hit. Some users swear by adding an ice cube or two to the water, and this bong is the perfect size and shape to produce the coolest hit. 

The Ice Catcher

There are all different ways to use ice in your smoke, and with a bong that features an ice catcher, you can use your cubes as an additional filtration system. An ice catcher is a delicious way to enhance your session. When you light up, you create serious heat. A bong softens that somewhat, but with an ice catcher, you have an additional filtration system to adjust the heat of your hit for a buttery blast. In addition to smoother hits, you can inhale larger rips more comfortably, enhancing the taste of the smoke, and it looks cool, too. 

The Tornado

A tornado bong is an experience, whether it has single or multiple disc percs. It provides you with a slick conversation starter, but it also provides a stellar smoking experience. The thicker the smoke, the bigger the tornado. It’s a simple tool, and the beauty of it is you don’t need to be a big hitter to see that tornado action. It also automatically filters some of the debris naturally. 

Novelty Bongs

In the olden days, a lot of people would simply grab an old aluminium can and make do. Now you can buy a bong that is shaped like your favourite can or a cup styled in your favourite brand. So, if you love the ‘Bucks or Burger King, you need the bong to match. It’s only 20 cm, which makes it the perfect handy bong, and it’s made from Pyrex which means it’s as sturdy as they come. 

Extra Large Gripper

If you are looking for a right ripper, then the extra-large all-glass gripper might be exactly what you have been looking for. Made from sturdy Pyrex, the Gripper is easier to handle and grip while using, which reduces the risk of accidental drops. The gripper pattern also provides an additional filtration system, reduces the risk of mould build-up, gives bigger hits, and it looks cool too. An extra-large gripper is practically art. 

If you aren’t into an all-glass bong, you can opt for something smaller that features a metal stem and bowl. There are also mini hookahs, which can introduce you to the bong style and provide you with a portable smoking device that will light up anywhere. 

If you opt for a slick glass bong, be sure to pick up spare parts. It’s always wise to have a spare stem and bowl on hand for cleaning or guest user mishaps. When you select your next bong, remember to consider the style, the brand, the price, and the bowl size. If you prefer smaller hits, don’t spend big on a bong with a bigger bowl and heavy body. Consider your consumption, think about how the bong diffuses smoke, and, of course, don’t forget to factor in your unique style.