The Benefits of Adding Rooftop Gardens to Hospitals

Updated on June 14, 2023
The Benefits of Adding Rooftop Gardens to Hospitals

Hospitals strive to gain better reputations and become trustworthy sources of medical care. Adding new installations, such as gardens, will improve how people view your healthcare facility. Rooftop gardens are enjoyable green spaces for people to visit, and constructing one on your hospital’s rooftop will enhance your healthcare business. Consider these benefits of adding a rooftop garden to your hospital to increase patient care and your facility’s reputation.

Improved Comfort for Patients

A rooftop garden will give access to fresh air and sunshine to all patients. The tranquil greenery will be a refreshing contrast to the hospital walls and will ensure patients feel emotionally healthy during longer treatment periods.

This pleasant area will also encourage better feedback when patients take surveys to describe their stay, increasing your facility’s reputation and providing a warmer welcome for more people to stay when they need help. Consider enhancing the rooftop design using high-performance materials, like metal mesh, to create a protective barrier from wind and debris for more patient comfort in the garden.

Relaxing Spaces for Staff

Burnout among staff is common due to the massive amounts of work needed from the continuous rate of patient admissions. The benefits of adding a rooftop garden to a hospital will ensure staff have a place to relax.

Like patients, workers need to spend time outside to re-energize their spirits. Low morale will affect productivity, lead to slower completion of tasks, and affect a patient’s experience as staff members aren’t as cheerful and friendly.

A rooftop garden is a place where they may relieve their stress and separate themselves from the tension within the hospital. The open space will be a nice change of pace from constantly walking the halls and transporting patients in elevators. Consider a rooftop garden for your staff and ensure they feel mentally prepared for the rest of their shift and other challenges that may come.

Creating an Encouraging Environment for Recovery

A way to make a patient’s recovery more pleasant is by placing focus on their emotional and mental well-being. Recovery is harder when we are in a state of melancholy or high stress because our bodies are reacting to these emotions.

Overcoming these mental and emotional barriers will give the body an easier time to recover, and the patient’s environment will improve their recovery time. The rooftop garden is a great place for patients’ minds to recover and make their stay at the hospital more reassuring as they progress in their illness. The garden’s presence will also improve retention rates, as patients feel more confident in the hospital’s focus on their care and feel more willing to stay as the environment focuses on their recovery in numerous aspects.

It’s essential to ensure your hospital makes improvements to give visitors, staff, and patients a better experience. Add a rooftop garden to your hospital for a unique area that will ensure people have a pleasant space to visit during difficult times; your healthcare business will flourish, and its reputation will improve as more people stay.