The 4 Best Practices Of Healthcare Social Media Marketing For 2020 

Updated on November 21, 2019

We already know that every kind of business today needs to market itself to reach out to a much broader audience. Digital marketing companies in Dubai say that obtaining new clients is no easy task to accomplish, and that’s why healthcare needs to find new methods of acquiring new clients as well as keeping the existing ones close. Social media marketing is an essential element of every successful digital marketing campaign. Read more about the methods that healthcare should use within social media marketing for 2020 on this link

Social Media Marketing Trends

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Every digital agency UAE says that healthcare needs to prepare for the future. It’s never certain what tomorrow will bring, but if we take a look in which direction the world is going, it’s not hard to understand that healthcare will also need to follow the same path. Find more details about what are the predictions and how to prepare for the healthcare’s future in this article

The Things That Healthcare Should Do With Social Media Marketing In 2020

Social media allows us to engage our audience directly through a comment response or even with a private message. Users prefer smaller communities where they know that they’re valued since they’re not just another number.

Healthcare Should Think Further Than Twitter And Facebook

According to research, hospitals don’t post very frequently on Instagram – only three times every week approximately. On the other hand, they tend to post on Twitter and Facebook even two times a day on both of these platforms. If we take into consideration the frequency of posting, YouTube and Instagram serve as secondary channels to hospitals.

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It’s crucial to know that these audiences are more engaged regardless of the post frequencies. Another essential thing to remember is that dozens of reviewed hospitals have Pinterest accounts, and only half of them pinned something within the first quarter of 2019. Norton Healthcare and Northwestern Medicine are the only two hospitals that use Pinterest regularly to promote their website’s content.

Your Content Mix Should Vary So You Could Optimize The Audience Actions

According to digital agency Dubai, more than half of the best-performing posts include people in pictures. Out of 50 posts, 27 of them showed the faces of babies and people, which further means that people following your social media profiles respond positively to photos of people from the hospital. At first, marketers thought that the number of people in the photograph might impact the engagement of potential clients, but that’s not the case because 18 pictures had a single person in them, and the other 18 photos had two or more people.

You also must know that curated content links have a much higher engagement (around 35%). All of the links that hospitals tend to share are curated, which means that they didn’t come from the hospital’s own domain. Curated link posts earn approximately 0.033% of the total engagement per single post. On the other hand, links that originate from the hospital’s domain usually generate around half of that amount (0.015%).

If you wish to have successful Facebook posts, you need to mix the content you post on this social media platform. Excellent content for Facebook should always include links, photos, and videos. If you think that using only links or only pictures can do much for your cause – you’re wrong. This approach won’t bring satisfying results, not as nearly as much the mixed content will.

You Must Boost Top Performing Posts

Since engagement is trending throughout all social media platforms, brands decline the organic reach by spending a lot of money to make sure that their content is seen. Digital marketing companies in Dubai say that 5.5% of all Facebook posts posted by hospitals are analyzed and signaled as “the most-likely boosted posts.” You must be aware of the fact that this most-likely boosted Facebook posts got the engagement rate per post of 177% higher than the posts that weren’t boosted at all.

The great advice is that everyone should boost their posts that performed well in the first 24 hours upon posting, and it will give a substantial boost to the content that had already performed well.

Connect With Relevant Niche Communities

The patients and hospitals continue to use Facebook Brand Pages frequently, but some hospitals are leveraging Facebook’s Messenger and Groups so they could create a deeper connection with the audience. Around 30% of the best U.S. hospitals made Groups as a vital part of their social media strategy. Approximately 22% of hospitals currently use Groups as part of their Facebook outreach, or they’ve used them recently.

Another four hospitals are in the initial-launch or pre-launch phase of implementing Groups. Groups that are moderated by hospital’s Facebook Pages are made for the various communities like general wellness, graduates, employees, and specific healthcare support like breastfeeding mothers, transplant recipients, NICU families, etc.

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