Technological Updates: Ways the Medical Field Uses Lasers

Updated on April 22, 2022
Technological Updates: Ways the Medical Field Uses Lasers

The medical field provides various types of treatment to individuals in every walk of life. Thanks to modern medicine and technological advancements, it’s become easier for doctors to treat all kinds of patients. Everyone from dentists to eye doctors can utilize laser technology to treat an induvial safely. Learn more about the fascinating ways the medical field uses lasers to improve your understanding of how this form of technology can save lives.

New Treatment for Eye Disease

Many of us have heard of LASIK eye surgery—also referred to as corrective eye surgery—and this is just one of the many reasons eye doctors may use lasers. Laser technology can also help to treat:

  • Tumors within the eye
  • Glaucoma
  • Detached retina

Interestingly, there are several types of lasers, and each type serves a different purpose. For instance, during LASIK eye surgery, specialists use an ultraviolet laser to improve the patient’s vision since it can cut that tissue and the cornea.

New Treatments for Cosmetics

Lasers are also incredibly beneficial in cosmetic medicine since they can make cuts like a scalpel or other surgical equipment but do so more precisely. Often, this requires a few key features for the laser driver to prevent it from overheating and keep the current controlled.

With lasers, surgeons can make those intricate cuts. While this benefits all types of surgery, many cosmetic surgeons utilize it because it increases the desired results since it’s so precise.

New Treatments for Skin Conditions

Some dermatologists use lasers to remove areas of skin for both health and cosmetic reasons. For example, some specialists use lasers to remove birthmarks or body hair; however, many working in the industry also rely on this technology to treat skin diseases.

Interestingly, doctors can even use lasers for imaging to detect health conditions like melanoma. The dermatologist can use a laser to scan the melanoma to see its size and shape. This is important because relying on the human eye, as we’ve done for years, leaves room for error, but lasers minimize this.

New Treatments for Surgical Removal

Sometimes surgy is necessary to remove invasive obstructions within the body. With the help of lasers, surgeons can now remove tumors or kidney stones far more easily. Additionally, you can use lasers or lift and remove things like you would with tweezers.

There are various ways the medical field uses lasers. While a dermatologist may use one type of laser to remove wrinkles or melanoma, an ophthalmologist can use it to improve a patient’s vision. The bottom line is that lasers help medical professionals improve an individual’s way of life, and nothing can top that.