Teachers in Scrubs – The New Normal

Updated on September 23, 2020

Now that the school year has officially begun across the United States, children are finally back at their desks. Whether they are participating in in-person learning in their actual classrooms or are remote learning in the virtual classroom at home, the school year of 2020-21 has started. The deciding factor of if the children are learning remotely or in-person largely depends on the school district or local health authorities and varies throughout most states. There are a couple of states that ordered regional closures, while a few only allow remote or hybrid; a combination of remote and in-person learning allowed, but most states have some schools open as regular, while others offer remote learning.

For those who are lucky enough to have in-person learning, many safety protocols were put into effect to ensure that the students and teachers alike remain safe and healthy. These safety measures include sanitizing the classroom daily, masks worn by both teachers and students, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, as well as social distancing and keeping classes from mingling. 

Although the level of risk of spreading the coronavirus via children is still unclear, there is clearly a greater risk to the teachers. Understandably many teachers were afraid to return to the classroom and expose themselves to the risk of catching this extremely contagious virus. To help ease some of their fears many school districts are allowing their teachers to come to school wearing nursing scrubs

What are the advantages of wearing scrubs?


Scrubs are extremely easy to clean; made to be washed at high temperatures frequently. For those who work with young children in preschool or daycare, wearing scrubs is even more important since they often spend extended periods of time on the floor with the children. To prevent the transfer of germs that came in contact with your scrubs it is best to change out of your scrubs after the children have left for the day, before you leave the school building, just like nurses often do when working in a hospital.

Strong and Durable

If you are worried that your scrubs will fade and wear out quickly due to the constant washing, then have no fear. Scrubs are made of tough material, but are often soft to the touch, so they are comfortable to wear, yet can withstand lots of use. 

Cost friendly

Nursing scrubs are very cost efficient, allowing you to get a high quality scrub set at a low price. Of course, there are designer scrubs such as Grey’s Anatomy that come with a bigger price tag, but there are many inexpensive options which would allow you to buy several scrub sets at a great price.

Professional Appearance

Scrubs by definition are professional. They have a formal look which is great for someone teaching grade school or high school. For those teaching younger children there are loads of fun cartoon scrub options and bright prints to choose from. 

As a side benefit, scrubs these days mimic the styles and trends in the world of fashion, allowing the teachers to look fashionable and stylish. There are jogger scrubs, yoga scrubs and some cool scrub tops and jackets. Quite often scrubs can be mistaken for regular clothing, so no need to worry about scaring the children into thinking that they arrived at the doctor’s office instead of at school! 

Is this the new normal? Just like seeing masks being worn in public places has become normal, seeing teachers in scrubs will soon become standard, and even expected. Once this pandemic is history, you may just continue seeing teachers lead the classroom wearing a set of scrubs, and you won’t even bat an eyelash. We have yet to see.

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