Phys. Therapy VS A Chiropractor Who Is The Top Rated In Oklahoma City

Updated on September 23, 2020

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Injuries and accidents happen to the very best of us and generally when we least expect it, sometimes without our knowing it’s happened. Often, being sedentary for countless hours results in damages that many people don’t recognize until the symptoms become increasingly debilitating. Stress-induced tension has the potential to cause harm to muscles leading to potential injury if not handled properly. 

The CDC or Center For Disease Control and Prevention sites an estimated 30 million people find the need for medical care for “unintentional” injuries in a given year which, in most cases, lead to chronic episodes of pain but many individuals are unsure where to go for the appropriate treatment regimen. 

Unfortunately, some people opt to tolerate the burden they’re left with while others try to find help through emergency services, and some go to their primary provider. Those who bear the discomfort believe that dealing with pain is simply a part of progressing in age. But it’s not necessary to go through life enduring chronic discomfort. There are specialists trained to alleviate these symptoms so life can return to some semblance of normalcy. 

Two examples of these include chiropractors and physical therapists. There are signs you should pay attention for that will indicate a need for you to consider a visit to a professional in one of these categories and give you an understanding as to which would be better suited to your specific needs. For guidance on choosing physiotherapy or chiropractic services go to .

Physical Therapist VS Chiropractor: How Do You Know Which To Use?

It’s a challenge when you’re suffering bouts of chronic pain due to unforeseen injuries or damages from sitting at a desk for hours or accidents to know where to turn for care. Some people don’t even try chalking their circumstances up to age progression and something they just have to deal with not realizing they can be helped.  

You might not receive benefit from going to the emergency room or necessarily from a primary care physician, but there are professionals who specialize in helping people who have symptoms of muscle soreness, ache/pains, tension, and spinal or neck stiffness.  These fall into the chiropractic and physical therapy field. How do you know who to turn to? Let’s see.

  • You experience stiff back or neck or chronic pain:  The American Osteopathic Association or AOA indicates neck injuries make up the country’s common causes of chronic pain. 

The ACA or American Chiropractic Association reports millions of cases of back pain at any given time occurring for numerous reasons whether they be work-related or due to sports or car accidents and other potential causes. 

A chiropractor has the capacity to determine where your damage will affect the spine and has the ability to provide adjustments to realign plus other potential courses of treatment. 

If you suffer a pulled muscle or a dislocation, a physical therapist has the potential to strategize a treatment plan to heal the injury and help you to gain strength in the surrounding region.

  • Shooting-type pains or sharp discomfort is the complaint: If you’re having dull, lingering pain, this is not something you should merely deal with. On the other hand, episodes of shooting, acute episodes of pain in an area mean the injury may be of a more severe nature. 

Physical therapists are trained to treat these types of injuries including instances of:

  1. Stress and other varieties of fracture.
  2. Sprains in ligaments
  3. Tears in ligaments
  4. Tears of the rotator cuff
  5. Sprains in the ankle or foot
  6. Tears of cartilage
  7. Tears of the meniscus or tendon

If there is a pinched or compressed sciatic nerve a PT also has the capacity to work towards healing this injury. Chiropractic care aids in adjusting the spine in an effort to reduce the pressure – the nerve to alleviate pain sensations. Go here for guidance on choosing a physical therapist or a chiropractor.

  • Episodes of chronic migraines or headaches: WHO or the World Health Organization indicates that headaches are among the most common of disorders suffered by people in the world. 

The Migraine Research Institute cites millions of people who suffer specifically with migraines in the country, some of which are due to stress or specific triggers, but others are due to shoulder, back, neck, or spinal injuries of a severe nature. 

Visiting a chiropractor enables you to determine the underlying cause of the problem with the professional working to address the issue and relieve the symptoms. The physical therapist attempts to strengthen the neck and back muscles for recovery from the injury.

  • If rest is not working for you: In a majority of instances a medical specialist will provide a care plan including ice packs, rest, or a combination of the two. In many situations rest is beneficial in helping alleviate the symptoms of the injury allowing you to get back to your usual activities of daily living. 

If rest doesn’t do the trick and you find you’re indulging in over-the-counter medication to try to endure the pain, it’s crucial to find a chiropractor or physical therapist who can try to help you find relief. 

In many cases, this type of situation is an indication of an underlying problem for which a physical therapist has the capacity to potentially heal. 

A chiropractor, on the other hand, can address chronic pain in the muscles and joints resulting from a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system. 

It’s important for patients to understand that symptoms don’t need to be severe for a specialist to see you. At the first sign of a problem, you can visit either professional to stave off more severe damages.

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It may be challenging to know which specialist is better for your specific needs when you’re enduring bouts of chronic pain or dealing with damages from an unintentional injury, whether work-related or accident involved.  The important thing is that you seek help from someone like a chiropractor Oklahoma City OK who can assist in relieving your pain symptoms, and you don’t decide to bear the burden of pain as if it were just a part of growing older. 

Either specialist, whether a chiropractor or a physical therapist, can benefit in their own way with their own set of skills, but the optimum priority is that you experience relief and regain your quality of life. No one should accept pain as if it were a way of life.

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