Star acquires Pro4People – a leading MedTech and digital healthcare software consultancy

Updated on July 15, 2021

Wroclaw, Poland-Star. (JULY. 14, 2021). Star is taking the global tech space by storm, enhancing already advanced technologies which currently provide end-to-end strategy, design, and engineering services. Now, with the new acquisition of one of the top software consultancies out of Wroclaw, Poland – Pro4People, Star will offer to their clients more enhanced and regulated solutions to product development services. Pro4People specializes in delivering innovative IT products for the global MedTech / IVD markets.

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“The acquisition strengthens Star’s capabilities in regulated MedTech solutions while enhancing our regulatory consulting offering,”stated David Box, the Managing Director of Health and Wellness for Star. “Together, we will work on monumental MedTech projects that improve patient outcomes, optimize provider workflows and firmly establish value-based healthcare.” 

This is a milestone accomplishment for Star, and it’s the result of developing an M&A engine that aims to drive 10%+ inorganic growth on top of the extensive organic growth the companies’ commercial engine can deliver. Joining forces will only provide even stronger digital innovation and product development services for their healthcare clients.

Juha Christensen, Founder and Chairman of Star, proclaims, “this acquisition further strengthens our market leadership position. We can now go even further in advising our clients on structuring, designing, and developing MedTech solutions.” Christensen went on to say: “With a CAGR of over 30% since its founding in 2008, Star is becoming an increasingly attractive home for founders of consulting businesses who want to double down and see their companies continue to scale, their employees to keep growing and their assets to keep appreciating.”

Pro4People’s expertise in software development for regulated MedTech and Healthcare domains provides Star with ample opportunity to partner with clients to create MedTech, Digital Therapeutics, IoMD, SaMD, Telehealth, and Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics solutions. Box elaborates, “this acquisition enables Star to create even stronger MedTech and Digital Healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce provider burden, lower costs and boost population health. Moreover, it equips us to do more with the most valuable asset in healthcare—data. We’ll be able to help organizations better collect, understand and use data to align their strategies and take the right approach as global healthcare needs evolve.” 

For Star and Pro4People, a solid cultural fit was vital for a successful acquisition. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to become part of Star. This is the culmination of our hard work and investment into Pro4People’s growth over the years. Best of all, Star values our people and shares our vision of transforming healthcare. By working together, we’ll unlock more opportunities and continue our founding mission much further than we could have ever envisioned,” said Tomasz Puk, CEO at Pro4People. Coming together with a shared vision will further accelerate their continued growth for years to come.

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About Star

Star is a global technology company helping companies enhance and accelerate their product innovation by implementing advanced strategy, design, and engineering services. From start to finish, they support their customers taking them from an idea to full-stack development and implementation of everything in between.

Star works with many industries, including Automotive & Mobility, Health & Wellness, FinTech, and others. Their customers include Lufthansa, Zeiss, Panasonic, BMW, SAIC, NIO, Dolby, EGYM, and One Concern.

About Pro4People 

Pro4People, out of Wroclaw, Poland is a world-class software company specializing in cutting-edge MedTech solutions and products. They lead their clients through all phases of the software development lifecycle: research, development, maintenance, and delivery to create modern, global, compliant, and connected medical devices. Their products and technologies include web applications, connected health solutions, cloud backend systems, SaMD platforms, mobile applications, and AI. 

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