Signs You Need To Increase Safety Measures in the Warehouse

Updated on June 10, 2022
Signs You Need To Increase Safety Measures in the Warehouse

While there are numerous jobs that put you in danger and make it difficult to accomplish your job without endangering your life in some way, working in a warehouse can be a particularly hazardous job. While some of the warning indicators are clear, some health and safety concerns may surprise you. Here are signs indicating that you need to increase safety measures in the warehouse.

You Are Experiencing Heavy Equipment Accidents

If you work in a warehouse on a regular basis and regularly handle heavy equipment, it’s only natural for you to become comfortable with it. While this might be a huge benefit in terms of productivity, it can also be a negative because you may forget about the machine’s dangers, resulting in an increase in accidents. Make sure your staff is informed of the possible dangers posed by warehouse devices, such as a forklift. Always be cautious when operating any machinery so that you know what you can do to avoid heavy equipment accidents.

You Have a High Rate of Slips and Falls

Despite the fact that this is one of the more readily avoidable health and safety hazards on this list, many warehouses have a high rate of slips and trips each year. There are a number of considerations to make if you want to reduce the number of slips and trips in your warehouse. Make sure there are no critical variables in the warehouse that cause tripping, such as loose goods on the floor, fluids, boxes, dim lighting, and extra stairs or bumps. Finally, you can apply anti-slip tape on the floor to aid and strengthen your grip.

You’ve Experienced a Fire in the Past

While fires are one of the most neglected and forgotten warehouse threats, it is a clear sign you need to increase safety measures in the warehouse. Fortunately, it is a fairly preventable hazard, and you can help by obtaining building permits, clearly marking your exits, and ensuring that you have fire extinguishers on hand at all times. Last but not least, experts advise against leaving exposed cables in the warehouse, as well as spilling combustible materials, and avoiding running cords under the carpet.

If any of these check your box, be sure to make efforts to improve the safety of your warehouse! Doing so is paramount to the efficiency of your business and the safety of your workers.