See Worthy: A Vision for Change in Children’s Eye Health

Updated on May 26, 2023

There’s a certain charisma in a child’s innocence, a buoyant energy that pulses with life and curiosity. The last thing we want to see is for this brilliance to be eclipsed by a common, yet treatable, condition: amblyopia, which affects one in 45 kids. Understanding this necessity, See Worthy has revolutionized the eye-patching experience for children, making it a delight rather than a daunting task. 

See Worthy eye patches, designed with vibrant patterns and ‘eye-catching’ styles ranging from pirates to pop art, offer kids a chance to express themselves and simply be kids, all while treating their eye condition. Their founder, Paige Brattin, inspired by her personal journey with her daughter Eddy, recognized the need for a more child-friendly approach to patching. 

“When my daughter was diagnosed with refractive amblyopia and needed to start wearing a patch, it was because she was going blind. It was really scary, and during that uncertain time, I promised that if we made it through this okay – I would find a way to make this journey better for others,” Paige explains. 

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As a result, See Worthy occlusion patches were born, combining an ergonomic shape, breathable materials, and a fun-to-wear design to increase children’s willingness to adhere to the patching routine.

It’s not just about the appealing visuals. Each patch employs a form-fitting design that accommodates various facial structures, from infants to adults and features an ultra-gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive that leaves no sticky residue. The patches offer superior comfort with their unique shape, preventing discomfort by reducing adhesive contact with the sensitive skin under the eyes. 

Paige remarks on their novel design, “Our design features a unique shape not used by other patches. It allows the adhesives to do ‘the heavy lifting’ above the eyebrow – not on the under-eye, where the skin is more sensitive. This new shape also allows a better fit to various faces from infant to adult. We call it the trifecta of change: shape, materials, and adhesives – and we patented that winning combination!”

Paige and See Worthy are not just creating a product; they’re cultivating a movement, a shift in how we perceive and respond to children’s eye health. See Worthy’s #EyePatchDay and other advocacy efforts, like #normalizepatching and #amblyopiaawareness, which seek to raise awareness about Amblyopia and the importance of regular eye examinations. 

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In addition to their advocacy work, See Worthy is making strides in making patches accessible to families in need. Paige, working around legislation and bureaucracy, has partnered with a non-profit, Project Vision Hawaii, providing free patches for residents in their state, making Hawaii the second state in the country to offer this provision.

See Worthy’s journey and innovative eye patches are reflected in the heartfelt stories of children and parents who’ve found comfort and confidence in their product. Stories of babies and children’s faces bleeding and chaffing with other brands being replaced with excitement for their favorite food-themed patches and adult patchers finding their situation significantly improved are just some encouraging testimonies of the change See Worthy patches are affecting.

Finally, Paige shares her advice for parents of children recently diagnosed with amblyopia. 

“Patching is hard, but it works! Compliance is key to saving their vision, so a more comfortable patch helps. Let the child pick their design, a small sweet treat reward for the application helps too! Keep them busy and distracted – See Worthy even has an app that kids can play while patching to help the time pass. There are supportive communities on Instagram and Facebook that can help by sharing tricks and tips to keep kids busy and happy while patching. And, of course, keep rewarding these kids in every way you can! You got this!”

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A sea change ripples through children’s eye health, and See Worthy is at the helm. They are creating a product and a lifestyle of comfort, confidence, and self-expression for children undergoing occlusion therapy. Their innovative patches have transformed a routine, often dreaded task into a personal and enjoyable experience. 

At its core, See Worthy is an example of innovation driven by empathy and personal experience, underpinned by a mother’s promise to her child.

Through their colorful, kid-friendly designs and their ongoing advocacy for children’s eye health, See Worthy continues to shed light on a condition often overlooked and underrepresented, giving kids a chance to “see as good as they look.”

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