Security Testing Strategies for the Healthcare Sector


By Ray Parker

Although healthcare apps have been in the market for a long time, they are increasing at an exponential rate. Due to which safety of healthcare apps and devices is a growing concern for the industry. Digital transformation aims at improving customer experience and business processes. So when the rules and regulations for healthcare apps are being developed, it is essential to have a robust cyber security strategy in place. A security testing company has all the resources and testing tools that are required to ensure that healthcare apps are safe from cyberthreats. 

The healthcare sector continues facing security threats and data breach attacks, which can compromise critical consumer information. For instance, the U.K National Health Service was greatly affected by the WannaCrya Ransomware attack last year. Not just that, even inaccessibility to patient records can cause disruptions to healthcare practitioners in providing patient care. 

Security testing works best for organizations that need to look at how they can protect their systems against an attack. They hire a security testing company that builds up an effective strategy to get ready for any situation. Let’s have a look at a few security testing strategies for the healthcare sector:

Protecting Healthcare Information:

The first step is to check for any vulnerabilities in the system and identify all potential risks for protected health information (PHI). By securing the PHI, organizations can confirm that the app meets HIPAA Compliance. With a strategic security testing plan in place, enterprises can safeguard their sensitive healthcare data. 

Effective Data Management:

Security testing also ensures that data storage and data management techniques are good. These techniques can ensure data protection and minimize potential risks. It also analyzes the security solution for data protection and management. 

Granting Access to Data and Systems

There can be a lot of security gaps if the access points are not defined clearly and result in making the systems and apps more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. All data needs to be encrypted and protected so that there is no sort of compromise during any communication. The right security testing strategy will help organizations to protect the data from getting leaked during any access to the critical information. Healthcare institutions and medical centers are expected to secure all patient data and other key information points, which is only possible with the help of validating access points and identification. 

Safe Data Transmission

The sole purpose of healthcare apps and medical devices is to allow data exchange between the patients, and medical officers/doctors via email, Cloud, etc. An effective strategy in place can help in protecting the data from being leaked during any transmission. It also protects data from all sorts of unauthorized access, which is a norm in the digital arena. 

A security testing company can up with a proper security testing strategy for any medical organization to combat any cyber threats and also keep sensitive healthcare data safe from any breach or malicious attacks. 

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and testing. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.