Reasons Your Hospital Needs DAS

Updated on May 19, 2021
Reasons Your Hospital Needs DAS

If the staff at your hospital uses multiple devices to perform their job, the last thing you want is for them to experience network issues. Many industries use distributed antenna systems (DAS) to improve internal communications as well as public safety. The reasons your hospital needs DAS are the same. Keep reading to find out why more hospitals are installing DAS.

Transition To a Unified Network

Your doctors, nurses, and technicians likely use a mix of cell phones, tablets, desktops, and other devices to perform their job functions. Since your facility uses multiple devices, your staff is likely transitioning between Wi-Fi and mobile networks while moving around your hospital, and they need to do that seamlessly. Certain personnel will need the ability to stay connected while off campus. Further, those who work in tricky areas of the hospital, such as the basement, elevators, or stairwells, could lose connections without DAS to boost the signal.

Improve Communication for First Responders

First responders—such as firefighters—rely on two-way radios to communicate with their team. While within a building searching for fire and survivors, firefighters need to talk to the team on the ground so they know when to leave. Public safety DAS allows first responders to stay connected to cell towers during an emergency.

Satisfy Patients

With an improved connection within your healthcare center or hospital, you can offer patients a better experience. Streamline intake with better communication between staff. Further, you can protect patient data when you have an improved network. Fewer drops means improved productivity and workflow.

Get Third-Party Funding

One of the main reasons you should investigate DAS for your hospital is that you could attain it for no cost. Some companies will fund the installation of your system and rent the nodes to carriers who can use them to boost the cell signal in the area.

The main reasons your hospital needs DAS is for public safety and patient morale. You’ll improve the productivity of your staff and increase the ratings of your hospital when you satisfy your patients. Modernize your hospital with the same technology that other healthcare centers are using.