Questions to Ask Before Buying a Gym Management Software


The use of gym management software is getting more visible in thousands of gyms across the globe and this rising number has proved the digital solution’s potential in streamlining the day-to-day tasks and other processes and responsibilities of managing a gym. 

At the core, gym management software automates the membership management, class and appointment scheduling, marketing, billing, and other growth-related and administrative responsibilities in gym management. Instead of carrying the tasks out manually and independently, the software automates a huge portion of the work, allowing owners and staff to spend more time on other vital concerns.


Still not sold on the idea of investing in a gym management software? This article aims to present the questions you should ask before buying to help you decide better. 

Gym Management Software – The Guide Questions

If you are a newbie in the industry or you are still planning to put up a gym business, while gym management software is a great and effective investment, the only way you can ensure that you are choosing the right digital solution is by defining first your gym business at its core. You can start at this by determining the services you plan your gym to offer. 

Determining Your Services

Not all gyms need a gym management software. Some do just fine sans it or any sort of information technology tool. It is as straightforward as customers paying the entrance fee on the welcome counter, training, and then leaving after thirty minutes to one hour. Word of mouth then does its job of inviting new visitors. Here, the gym is often earning enough to pay the bills and other expenses. 

You can settle with the abovementioned kind of setup and still earn but if you want your gym to compete, it should not function that way. To be in the “best gyms” category, you will want to offer premium quality of services and more legit gym experience, i.e. tiered membership, personal training, gym classes anchored towards providing an organized and professional way of motivating your customers to keep coming back. In this digital age, how a gym business competes has been taken to a different level. To attract a wider market, you usually have to invest in technology to keep up.

Determining Your Members

Gym membership fees vary widely but studies show that on average, twice a week gym sessions inclines a member to pay $58 per month. 

Meanwhile, the majority of modern gym goers belong to the same age bracket where frequent smartphone users belong. Besides your gym preference, if you want to target the modern gym users, it is vital to invest in IT solutions and technologies that will make them engage more, e.g. SMS and email notifications, class reminders, etc. Using a web-based gym software that can let gym goers create an account, enroll in a class, track their progress, and settle their monthly bills will be a big plus. Keeping up with the competition in this digital age is different and if your target market realizes your gym constraints, there are plenty of other gyms waiting to be noticed.  

Once your gym requirements are clear, consider the following questions before buying a gym management software. 

  • Does the gym management software come with a mobile app?

The most recent data show that there are over 5 billion people in the world who own and use a mobile device. That is to say that over 60% of the world’s population are attached to their phones for social media and research purposes. With this info at hand, if you are to invest in a gym management software that features a membership portal, going for a software with a mobile app can give you an edge to be an ideal gym among the many options in the eyes of prospective clients. 

There are gym software packages with a custom branded app as inclusion and you can name the app after your gym’s name for a more personalized appeal. These packages may be pricier but with the powerful approach it offers in enhancing member engagement and customer loyalty, such an investment is worth it. 

  • Is the gym management software integration-ready?

Integration is usually a standard package inclusion. It ensures that if your gym is to use other generic third party applications like Microsoft Office and you want to upload the data on to the system, the latter can recognize and read the file. Integration is also important if you are using a third party cash registry software and the like. With this, a seamless experience of managing a gym is guaranteed. 

The majority of gym software providers can provide full integration and web tools that also work with other web platforms like Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, and Wix. This helps facilitate online viewing, booking, and payment processing in one central hub. 

  • What type of customer support does the software package cover?

To reduce the likelihood of disappointment on the part of your customers which can put your gym further in a bad light, excellent customer support is important. However, problems beyond your control may arise. Although most web-based gym management software are easier to troubleshoot and update, there will be times where technical support is necessary especially when it comes to the proper usage of the system or addressing unsuccessful transactions. This is why consistent availability of support from your software provider is also vital. 

  • Are your exact requirements met?

Most, if not all, gym software come with all the basic features needed to manage your gym. However, some providers may focus more on other areas like advertising or community engagement rather than streamlining administrative tasks. There are also extra features that can help elevate user experience and enhance overall operations.

Your options will also vary in terms of user interface. Hence, if you plan to include a membership portal, you will want to land on a software with an impressive software design. 

You should be clear of your requirements before sealing a deal with your chosen software provider. Make sure that the solution you choose can contribute in the areas that you want to be highlighted. 

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