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Physiotherapy Equipment In Toronto

Physiotherapy, as a profession, has proven impactful and is quite beneficial in the treatment of disorder, injury, or disease. It also helps to restore certain functions, including mobility, in affected areas. This can be done through different physical methods. Through physiotherapy, further damage to injured areas can be prevented. There are several distributors – including Remington Medical – that provide top-quality physiotherapy equipment and supplies. 

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Treatments are available for everyone of any age and this can be supported appropriately to encourage good health. Indeed, physiotherapy can prove beneficial for you at any point in your life. Physiotherapists are well-trained and you will always be handled by capable hands. However, as technology advances, a plethora of high-tech equipment have been designed and manufactured to ensure that physiotherapy processes run smoothly and effectively.

Are you thinking of getting physiotherapy if you have serious pain or injury that impacts your daily activities? Or do you reside in Toronto and you are thinking of getting more information on the best physiotherapy equipment within your region? You have nothing to worry about. This article is devoted to providing great insights into some of the physiotherapy equipment that is available in Toronto. Now, let’s dive in and see some of the best equipment that can be recommended.

Top physiotherapy equipment

There are several pieces of equipment that can be used in physiotherapy sessions. Some of these are discussed as follows:

Neurotrac TENS

This digital muscle stimulator ensures correct settings and is the perfect equipment to promote quality muscle stimulation. It is ideal for several purposes, including sports, muscle rehabilitation, muscle toning, and cellulite reduction. 


  • Modalities: High and Low frequency, Burst, Continuous and Modulated. 11 Preset programmes, 3 Customisable TENS programmes.
  • Clear bright backlight LCD Lock mode function 
  • Dual-channel: individually isolated circuits.
  • Amplitude: 0 – 80 mA into 500 Ohm load; Type: Constant Current, maximum output voltage 180 Volts +10 / -30 Volts
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC
  • Selectable pulse width: 50mS -300mS [2% accuracy].
  • Time duration of the treatment selectable: 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • Item physical dimensions: 119.2 x 69 x 28.7 mm
  • Item weight: 0.07KG without battery, 0.1KG with battery.


  • Lock mode function measures home compliance
  • LCD ensures that the displays are read with ease
  • Keypad with bigger buttons enables easy use.

CRS800S Recumbent Stepper

This equipment ensures that total-body exercise is accessible for a wide range of users. Irrespective of physical ability or physical, the CRS800S provides a selection of features that take the effort out of getting on and working out. 

Multi-grip adjustable handles, oversized cushioned pedals with adjustable straps, adjustable armrests, and a 4-way adjustable high-density foam seat with 360-degree swivel create a comfortable workout experience. This equipment does not only assure efficiency, but it is also highly durable. 

The electronics are designed to ensure seamless operation. The console is characterized by a bold display with a range of program options for users of any fitness level. It also features an integrated fan and a USB charging port. The seat-mounted hand pulse grip sensor is convenient and can monitor the heart rate on demand.


  • Linked upper and lower body linear pattern with a 1 to 1 ratio
  • Self-adjusting linear step range from 1 to 12.5 inches
  • The seat swivels 360-degrees making it easy to enter and exit the machine
  • Large multi-grip handles with a soft, textured coating for a secure grip
  • Adjustable Armrest height


  • Seat swivels ensure easy entry and exit onto the machine
  • The handles are easy to grip
  • The armrest height can be adjusted easily.

Manuthera 242

This is a top-quality, multi-purpose table that is used by several manual therapists, including physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, and more. This design takes physiotherapy to a whole new level and there are several top features this exceptional equipment possesses. Some of these are introduced below:


  • Wide range of Hi-Lo adjustment
  • Electronic Tilt up / Tilt down function 
  • Adjustable legs with support paws
  • Lockable castors
  • Face section folding two ways and featuring advanced 3D functionalities 
  • The two-piece thorax section element 
  • Lower body section with extension/flexion, lateral movement, and 3D rotational motion. NEW: lower body rotation feature 
  • Multi-position foot section: upright position, footrest when lying down, and stepping board function.
  • Easy-to-use, sturdy and ergonomic knobs 
  • Armrests with step-less height adjustment and lateral movement.
  • Front and back Total lock supports
  • Safety edge.


  • The castors aid mobility
  • The two-piece thorax section enables vertical thorax bending
  • It is easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • The knobs enable locking of the movement to the desired position.


Physiotherapy sessions require the best equipment that is available. As a result, having the right equipment can help in achieving a good result.

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