Pensiamo Helps Lower Healthcare Operating Costs

Updated on March 10, 2022

Healthcare Supply Chain Company Provides Solutions to Most-Challenging Needs

“Regardless of what was going to happen with the ACA, we, as a country, are spending too much on healthcare,” says Pensiamo CEO, Jim Szilagy in a recent video interview, “What we can do as Pensiamo, through our supply chain solutions, we can lower the operating costs for healthcare providers.” 

According to a recent leadership survey by national healthcare advisory firm BDC Advisors, results indicate that most healthcare leaders will continue value-based care strategies despite political uncertainty. 

Pensiamo agrees and is positioned as a solution to healthcare providers’ most challenging needs. Big shifts are underway since the ACA was introduced, with increased cost pressure through bundled payments, the rise of consumerism in healthcare, the shift from inpatient to outpatient care, and the growth of population health management, providers are facing increased revenue compression. Cost reduction is no longer an initiative; it is an imperative. 

The BDC survey results report cost reduction and asset redeployment remaining on the top of the healthcare executives’ priority lists. Institutions unable to adapt to the shift are facing bankruptcy, with 10 reported closures in 2016 and five more already in 2017, according to healthcare trade journals.

Supply chain is a critical enabler of healthcare transformation; supply costs are usually the second largest expense in a hospital after labor costs.  Pensiamo, the healthcare supply chain company is an independent, for-profit enterprise, with UPMC as its founding client. Pensiamo has delivered millions of dollars in annual value to its client, UPMC.

Robert DeMichiei, UPMC CFO, says, “Pensiamo is helping us achieve our ultimate goal of providing higher quality patient outcomes while significantly reducing the total cost of care.”

Hospitals seeking to manage costs in a dynamic market can use the best-in-class purchasing approaches and cognitive power of Pensiamo’s full line of services to build a comprehensive supply chain solution that reaches beyond the medical and clinical costs to include all the factors that drive costs in a modern hospital system. Pensiamo helps clients improve their supply chain performance in five primary areas including strategic sourcing, procure to pay, value analysis optimization, healthcare technology management and M&A integrations. Pensiamo brings a unique, cohesive approach informed by facts, data and cognitive insights. 

“Our message in the marketplace resonates,” says Szilagy, “Pensiamo is made up of hospital operators with frontline experience, we are here to help.”

About Pensiamo

Pensiamo is the pioneering cognitive supply chain company helping healthcare providers and suppliers succeed in an industry rapidly transitioning to value-based care. The mission of Pensiamo is healthcare transformation through supply chain elevation.

Pensiamo advances each client’s supply chain to deliver best-in-class value by applying innovative approaches, informed by cognitive analytics, to achieve better patient outcomes at a lower cost of care. Pensiamo’s proven practices and deep healthcare expertise enable rapid transformation of supply chains regardless of their current state of maturity.

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