Pandemic Leads To Increased Need For Disposable Medical Supplies

Updated on April 28, 2020

As for the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic, Disposable medical supplies are one of the best options for all healthcare institutions. These can be available in large quantities & in less time compared to reusable ones. From the first aid box to surgical instruments, these supplies are available in every category.

What are the disposable medical Products?

The products which are intended to use for single time or simply said use & throw products. Such as surgical sponges, bandages and wraps, gloves, syringes, hypodermic needles, drug tests, face masks, applicators, suction catheters, and exam gowns. These all are day to day usable products in hospitals or clinic.

Polycarbonates are the main component in these products as they are much cheaper, very easily available and easy to dispose. These Polycarbonates are used in almost everything like surgical equipment, Face masks, gloves etc.

Dental products in high demand:

Disposable medical supplies in dental industry prove to be tremendously cost effective and usable. Products like Disposable A/W Syringe, Disposable Dental Mirrors, Bib Holders, respiratory Equipment, Nasal hoods, Wear gloves and also surgical products. Such products are very much high in demand particularly in dental industry.

They save sterilization time which can be use to treat the patient which automatically increase productivity. Its beneficial for both the Dentists and the patients.

Benefits of Disposable Medical Supplies:

There are many benefits of these products such as.

Safety Measures – As they are directly used from seal packed packages it is already clean and free of bacteria. It does not need sterilization. These also reduce the risk of contamination from previous use.

Practical – If you are at home of other place than hospital and you have any medical emergency this is where disposable medical supplies are very useful as the don’t need any sanitisation you can use them directly from the packaging. 

Cheaper for the long term – Reusable products needs to be maintained and they acquire storage space which is not the case with disposable products. They also cost less than reusable ones. Sanitizing equipment needs water various chemicals, excess electricity etc.

Easy to Track Back – As these products comes with the unique serial on product numbers. It can be easily track back to the manufacturer or production plant from that number if they have any defect or malfunction issues.

Trend of these supplies are increasing in healthcare industry. Also, Market share expected to rise high in coronavirus situation.

As per new prediction market valuation expected to reach $160 billion by next five years. That is by almost 7.2% of increase per year. Disease control is the main reason behind expanding trend of disposable supplies as these devices utilised just once. 

Demand for disposable supplies in developed countries like USA, UK, Russia, Germany & Japan as well as developing countries like India, Brazil and specially many African countries have increased dramatically.

These Supplies are easily available in market you can buy these online too. Many of the online platforms offer discounts on disposable medical supplies offer door to door deliveries which save your valuable time. These products are soon to take over the healthcare industry as lot of companies are investing in it. They are the future of medical products.

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