Prevent the Onset of Erectile Dysfunction to Last Longer In Bed

There are ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction since this is the condition wherein men face a lot many problems of not achieving erections for long. Nowadays, ED pills have become a practical method to treat the condition and to permit men making the most of their affection life. Viagra is the highest medication for treating … Read more

Personalized Healthcare Is the Future, But We’re Not There Yet

The current “payer” mentality among healthcare providers is both a cause and symptom of the increasingly transactional nature of healthcare. As it stands today, a sick person seeks a provider for diagnosis, guidance, and treatment. Once well, that person won’t seek further assistance until sickness strikes again. This is analogous to calling roadside assistance every … Read more

7 Healthy Substitutes to Sugar

Sugar is in just about everything today. While it tastes delicious, that can be a problem. Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to weight gain, poor digestion, and a taste for bad foods. Some studies show that sugar is even more addictive than cigarettes. If you want to reduce your sugar intake, that doesn’t necessarily … Read more

Can a Microloan Help Your Healthcare Business?

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Growing your healthcare business isn’t exactly easy. Sometimes it feels like a kid is pulling on your shirt sleeves asking you for more. Patients can have large deductibles so they hesitate to get the healthcare services they need.  It becomes a vicious circle, you can’t offer the services patients they want so you don’t have … Read more

5 Amazing Tech Trends Redefining Healthcare This Year

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The healthcare industry is open to so many new opportunities using technology in 2019 that almost seem too good to be true. Great innovation has hit the sector in the last eight months, and we are definitely here for it.  After all, we all know that the better the system gets, the more cost-effective it … Read more