Olay Regenerist Review: Does it Work? Better Alternatives?

Updated on June 23, 2020

Are you looking for that one magical product that will reverse the signs of aging and bring back your youthful looks? We are too and don’t worry we got you covered. Today we will be reviewing Olay Regenerist, one of the most popular anti-aging products from the brand Olay.

Regenerist claims to reverse 10 years of anti-aging in just 4 weeks. But does the product stand true to its claims and work wonders on your skin? We were a little skeptical and decided to find out. Read ahead to know our review of the Olay Regenerist line of anti-aging products.

XYZ Smart Collagen

Olay Regenerist Review: Brand Overview

Once in our 30s, we women must take extra care of our skin health. Factors such as hectic work schedules, busy lifestyles, and increasing pollution levels, are causing us to show signs of aging quite early.

Thanks to technology and innovation though, today we have access to scientifically proven and tested products that will truly help us reverse signs of aging and maintain youthful skin.

Olay, owned by the American company Procter & Gamble is one of the popular cosmetic brands with an equally popular anti-aging line. What started off with a single product, Oil of Olay, is a huge brand today with a wide range of skincare products under its umbrella.

In 2003 Olay launched its Regenerist line, a special range that focuses on anti-aging products. The range includes various cleansers, scrubs, creams, serums, and treatment systems. The range also includes day creams, night creams, and eye care collection to suit different needs and requirements.

The Olay Regenerist line claims to work in the following ways:

  • The products improve the turn-over of cell regeneration resulting in younger-looking skin.
  • Exfoliating agents help remove dead cells, thus constantly replacing them with new cells.
  • With regular use of the products, the skin texture improves.
  • The products provide constant hydration to the skin, improving its elasticity.
  • Lines and wrinkles slowly disappear giving the skin a youthful look.

To summarize, the range claims to reverse signs of aging like wrinkles, dark circles, under-eye bags, acne, etc in as little as four weeks. It further asserts to reduce the aging signs by improving skin moisture levels, exfoliation, and cell regeneration. We are not sure if these factors are enough to reverse aging signs.

Olay Regenerist  Pros and Cons


  • The products contain well-known ingredients.
  • They provide good skin moisturization and hydration.
  • Product availability is good in stores and online.
  • Long term use may start showing results for aging and wrinkles.


  • The biggest disadvantage of the Olay Regenerist line is that there is no one single product that effectively works to fight skin aging. You will have to team products together and form a full routine to experience the anti-aging effects of the line.
  • The range contains parabens which many women avoid due to the bad reputation they have.
  • The ingredients don’t work as quickly as claimed, they will take time to show visible results.
  • Women using the range have complained of redness, itching, and irritation.
  • They are expensive compared to some effective drug store brands.
  • Some of the ingredients have scientifically been proven to not work in reducing aging signs.

What is the Olay Regenerist? Is it Legit?

Olay Regenerist is quite popular and a reputed name for its anti-aging product line. The key ingredients in most of the products under the Olay Regenerist line include Carob fruit extract, Amino Peptides, Hyaluronic acid, Pro-collagen molecules, and Vitamins including Vit B5, Vit E, etc. While these ingredients sound scientific and interesting, their efficacy is questionable.

Certain ingredients are relatively new and we do not know much about them. Most of the ingredients listed also cause side effects in women.

While it may be true that long term use of the Olay Regenerist range of products can reduce signs of aging, there are much better products that are scientifically backed and show better results in a shorter time period. Also, you will have to use at least a few products in their range to experience the anti-aging effects. One single product will not be effective in turning your skin back to its youthful look.

Olay Regenerist line was launched in 2003 and the brand went through a complete overhaul in 2013 with updated ingredients and formula. According to the makers, the latest line plumps, firms and corrects your skin giving it a youthful appearance. This updated line focuses on dead skin removal, cell regeneration and renewal, moisture retention, improved cell elasticity, and fights environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, etc. While the Olay Regenerist line has multiple products, the Micro-sculpting Cream and Serum, Whip, Retinol 24, and the eye cream range are popular and best-selling products.

Olay Regenerist Ingredients:

Different products in the line have different sets of ingredients. Still, some ingredients are common across all products. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Carob fruit extract: This is a relatively new skincare ingredient that helps improve your damaged skin using the skin-regeneration process. It quickens the healing of stressed skin cells and reduces skin redness and inflammation.

Since this is a new ingredient, its efficacy is yet to be established.

Vitamin E: This essential nutrient acts as an antioxidant and protects the skin from sun damage, fights free radicals, maintains skin hydration, and promotes healthy skin.

But women have experienced skin irritation after using Vitamin E topically on the skin.

Niacinamide: This essential Vitamin B complex component reduces inflammation and appearance and size of pores. It also keeps the skin moisturized and soft.

On the downside though, some users have complained of itching, burning, and redness after using creams containing Niacinamide

Pro-vitamin B5: Another essential skin nutrient, Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is good for healing damaged skin and keeping the skin moist and healthy.

Amino peptides: Peptides are thought to boost collagen, decrease the appearance of fine lines, and reduce the appearance of pores on the skin.

Some scientists believe that these amino peptides may not be as effective as they claim to be and there are no scientific studies that back this claim.

Creams containing peptides may also cause side effects such as itching, rash, and sensitivity, something we do not want for our skin.

Pro-collagen molecules: These protein molecules help lock in moisture, keep the skin hydrated, and look supple. They are also touted to reverse the signs of aging by making lines and wrinkles disappear.

However, research has unanimously concluded that a small amount of collagen present in skin creams doesn’t really do much for the skin in terms of anti-aging. Collagen fillers may help to erase wrinkles but collagen creams aren’t effective.

Hyaluronic acid: This well-known hydrating ingredient keeps the skin hydrated and moist at all times. It safeguards the skin from harsh weather conditions and pollution.

Though it keeps the skin hydrated, it can also cause side effects such as redness, itching, and sensitivity in some women.

Glycerol: This is a good moisturizing agent that prevents the skin from getting dry. It also evens out skin blemishes and improves skin texture. Glycerol helps in reducing fine lines on the skin.

Side effects of using Glycerol include redness, itching, and burning.

Olive M: Another hydrating ingredient and a derivative of olive oil, Olive M hydrates the skin and plumps it and firms it up as well.

Again, Olive M is a relatively new ingredient and we do not know about the efficacy or the side effects that it may cause.

Going through the ingredient list, now we do know that the formulations contain a couple of ingredients whose efficacy we do not know. The common ingredients like vitamins may cause side effects in certain women who are sensitive to them.

Shipping and returns:

Olay offers free standard delivery for its Regenerist range of products. Orders are generally delivered within 3 to 7 business days. The company also offers a second-day delivery.

The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and has a decent return policy. In case of wrongly delivered, damaged, or defective items, Olay provides a full refund along with handling and shipping charges.

For any other reason returns, the buyer must bear the handling and shipping charges and return the unopened product within 30 days after placing the order for a full refund.

How does Olay Regenerist work?

Olay Regenerist advises its users to follow a four-pronged approach to achieve the best results in anti-aging. The steps involved are cleansing, preparing, treating, and moisturizing. To that effect, the line sells different products for each step.

It claims that its range of products plump, firm, and correct the skin. The ingredients in its products work by renewing skin cells, damaging repaired skin, and moisturizing and tightening the skin.

Ingredients like Carob fruit extract and Olive M work on cell regeneration, producing new skin cells that provide a youthful look. Amino-peptides and pro-collagen molecules provide the protein factor and boost collagen production.

Vitamins, Hyaluronic acid, and Glycerol repair damaged skin, retain moisture and keep the skin supple and healthy, and reduce the effects of damage and pollution on the skin. 

How to use Olay Regenerist?

Different products have different instructions for usage. Cleansing, toning, serum application, and moisturizing is the general routine that most of us follow. Just follow the instructions on the pack to the T to obtain the best results from the product you are using. 

Who should use Olay Regenerist and who should not?

If you are above the age of 30 years and are looking to try out anti-aging products, then you can try Olay Regenerist. It is suitable for all skin types- normal, dry, and combination.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is always a good idea to avoid anti-aging products. Talk to your gynecologist and find out if Olay Regenerist is safe to use. 

Side effects:

Olay claims that its Regenerist range of products is safe to use and doesn’t have side effects. But some women have complained of acne breakout, rashes, itching, and skin irritation when using these products. So, if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients mentioned, it is a good idea to do a patch test before using them.

Any Better Alternative to Olay Regenerist Available?

After thorough research and review of Olay Regenerist, we felt that there are other scientifically-backed products that perform much better and give quicker visible results. One product that caught our attention in the course of our research is the XYZ collagen. This product has received excellent ratings and rave reviews from women all over.

Unlike the Olay Regenerist line, which has multiple products that you need to buy and use, XYZ Collagen is a single product that will give you complete anti-aging benefits.

We decided to research the product further. Visit Here to Read our Full review of the XYZ collagen.

With the tagline, “The collagen cream that Stops the Clock”, Wolfson Berg Limited created a wonderful product that has stayed true to its claim of defying signs of aging in women.

Wolfson Berg is a reputed cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals company with over a decade of experience in the field. They have to their credit various top-of-the-line food supplements, nutrition supplements, and cosmetic products.

With a team dedicated to giving the customer only the best products, the company has managed to create quite a reputation for itself in the industry.

How does It work?

The cream works by improving the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen thus helping the skin fight signs of aging. XYZ collagen works in the following ways:

  • Reduces wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, and forehead lines.
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Tightens skin and gives the face and neck a firm look and feel.
  • Lifts areas where the skin is sagging, thus giving a firm and contoured look
  • Reduces stretch marks and evens out the skin.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Smoothens the face and neck giving an overall youthful appearance.

This scientifically-backed product works on the principle of smart collagen management. In younger skin, there is a constant balance between collagen production and breakdown. As age advances, this balance gets disturbed. The breakdown of collagen increases while the production decreases.

This imbalance results in the skin showing all aging signs that we experience.

The ingredients in XYZ collagen work by restoring a natural balance between the synthesis and the breakdown of collagen, thus resulting in plump, firm, and younger-looking skin.

With most other collagen-based products, collagen synthesis is uncontrolled, leading to the production of low-quality collagen. As a result, there is no visible improvement in the skin condition.

XYZ collagen, with its smart management system, achieves a naturally balanced collagen production. You can see and feel the visible change immediately. Clinical double-blinded studies show that with regular use of this product, you will appear 7.5 years younger in as little as 84 days.


Let us look at the ingredients to know how this cream works:

Bulbine frutescens:

The key ingredient and the life of XYZ collagen is the extract from a plant called Bulbine frutescens. This is a small shrub that grows in South Africa. It has been used in traditional medicine for its skin calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Recent medical research has revealed that the juice of the leaf of these plants plays an important role in collagen synthesis in the skin cells.

While other collagen creams work on just the surface, this ingredient penetrates the skin and encourages the cells to produce higher quality collagen. It also reduces the breakdown of collagen and encourages production as well.

The extract of this leaf contains two main components:

  • Acetylated Polymannose (APM)
  • Knipholene

While APM works on stimulating the fibroblasts or the cells in the skin to produce high-quality collagen, Knipholene works on slowing down the collagen breakdown and uncontrolled collagen boost.

The resultant high-quality collagen, in turn, reduces wrinkles, evens out skin texture, reduces inflammation due to acne and other conditions, and tightens the skin.

In addition, collagen also keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. Overall, your skin looks firm, young, and healthy.

How to use It?

For the best results, you must apply the product on your face after a thorough cleansing, twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before bed.

Apply the cream over face and neck areas in gentle upward strokes. This ensures that your skin laps up the cream well.

Be sure to avoid the lower eye-lid and tear duct area while applying the cream. Also, be careful when applying the cream around the eye area to prevent the cream from getting into the eyes.

Follow up by regular application of sunscreen, especially during mornings, to minimize sun damage.

Side effects:

So far, there have been no reported side effects of using XYZ collagen from any of the users. The ingredients are clinically proven, organic, natural, and completely safe.

XYZ collagen is a vegan formulation and a certified organic product. It doesn’t contain artificial ingredients, mineral oils, palm oils, or palm kernel oils.

The makers have ensured that all the active ingredients are preserved in a natural state by using the cold-press method to extract ingredients from the plants.

This product has the following certifications:

  • Nayoga complaint
  • Ecocert listed
  • Cosmos listed
  • Natrue compliant. 
XYZ Smart Collagen

Conclusion: What should You Buy ?

XYZ collagen is an awesome product that works wonders in reversing signs of aging. When compared to Olay Regenerist’s whole line, we have found that the XYZ ingredients are more powerful and effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye circles.

The reviews have also been extremely positive in favor of XYZ collagen while Olay Regenerist has received mixed reviews and feedback.

Keeping realistic expectations, if you are looking for an anti-aging product that shows visible results in a short time, your search ends with XYZ collagen.


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