Necessary Steps for Disinfecting a Hospital

Updated on March 15, 2023
Necessary Steps for Disinfecting a Hospital

Before learning how to clean the hospital, the big question is when. When is the right time to clean the facility so the risk of illness decreases? The answer is daily. When places start to look dirty, that’s the time to start cleaning. You should routinely make cleaning checks at least once a week to see what parts of the hospital staff must focus on most. Here are the necessary steps for disinfecting a hospital.

Start Outside and Work Your Way In

If you want to know the best place to start straightening up around the hospital, begin outdoors. Landscaping and the parking lot could be key areas to focus on while strategizing how to clean the facility. Focus on resurfacing the lot by filling potholes and cracks and setting up barriers to keep cars in their spots without crossing over to other areas.

In addition to cutting the grass and watering plants, redo your patio areas and clean the sidewalk. Every patient and worker can do their part to keep the hospital’s exterior clean by throwing trash in the recycling and trash bins.

From the Entrance to the Exits, Clean Carpets, Rugs, and Drapes

As you go indoors, focus on vacuuming the rugs and carpets. You can take down the drapes and have them laundered. Using a vacuum on fabrics and cleaning drapes reduces allergen accumulation in the waiting areas. If you use a detergent on the rugs or carpets, ensure it’s unscented to avoid triggering asthmatic symptoms in patients and staff.

Work Your Way to Sanitizing Commonly Used Surfaces

Something medical workers can do to sanitize their commonly used surfaces effectively is with an industrial coating. Industrial coating benefits the medical field by saving medical clinics and hospitals money and reducing the time it takes to clean surfaces.

You and your team can benefit from utilizing environmentally friendly and nontoxic chemicals on your surfaces to reduce chances of severe infections from tools, exam room tables, and counter spaces. Utilize other methods, like soap and water, to disinfect even the hardest-to-reach areas.

Other Places and Things To Wash

There are other things in the hospital to clean. You have the laundry room and electronics. If you want a better way to track if a surface is dirty, use a wipeable screen cover. The screen cover protects the bottom of the screen from being contaminated. Consult your manufacturer’s manual if you need additional help cleaning your electronics.

These steps are necessary to develop an effective strategy for cleaning the hospital. Follow these tips to create a better environment for you, your staff, and your patients because a clean hospital environment is a safer place.