Marketing for Startup Labs: Use These Tips to Gain More Clients

Updated on September 11, 2020

Up until recently, the only people who knew much about clinical laboratories were doctors, medical staff, and the laboratory technicians themselves. These days, things are different. 

Thanks to life in the information age and the advent of direct-to-consumer lab test results, people have a greater interest in lab testing than they’ve ever had before. 

This is great for business, but it also puts more pressure on you as a startup lab owner. Like a lot of business owners in the age of the internet, you may have been thrown into an accidental crash course on advertising. 

The world of internet marketing for startup labs can get complicated, so let’s start with the basics. It turns out that there’s a science to marketing, too. Start with a firm foundation, and you can move on from there. 

Know Your Marketing Methods 

The key to internet marketing for startup labs is making sure that your marketing efforts are a priority, not an afterthought. Set aside a dedicated time and space for marketing so that you’ll have more success in reaching people. If you can, you may even consider hiring a marketing team. 

Learn Your SEO Basics 

You can’t have successful laboratory marketing without knowing a few things about search engine optimization. 

What is search engine optimization? When you search for something on Google, the results that you see first aren’t an accident. When a website reaches the top of a search results page, it’s because a marketer arranged that website in a way that would help it reach the top. Those efforts are called search engine optimization, or SEO. 

It may seem complicated, but the basics are fairly simple. Take some time to learn those basics, and you may notice a big difference in your website traffic. 

Produce Regular Content With Blogging and Social Media 

Marketing for startup labs, just like marketing for anything else, requires consistent content. Keep putting your content on the internet, and people become much more likely to find you. Weekly blog posts, Twitter posts, and similar content can help. 

Build a Commercially Successful Laboratory 

Laboratory marketing involves a lot of outreach, but building a commercially successful lab also means providing what your clients need. Once you have the right tools and equipment to meet demand, you can emphasize those things in your marketing. 

Find Your Place in the Genetic Testing Market 

You’ve noticed the high demand for genetic testing lately. Is there a way for you to get in on this marketing without getting drowned out by all the other genetics services out there? Molecular genetic testing may be the answer. 

People are more aware than ever of the potential answers in their DNA, and they want more ways to get to know themselves. Molecular DNA testing can provide many of the insights that people crave, including information on genetic abnormalities and disease risk. 

Provide Convenience for Your Clients 

What else makes a commercially successful laboratory? Convenience for clients. For example, does your laboratory software provide easy communication? Can doctors order the tests they want without a lot of hassle? When you can provide easy ordering and consistent availability, your clients will keep coming back, and soon enough word will spread to other potential clients, too. 

Build Your LIS With Psyche Systems 

Here at Psyche Systems, we want to see your startup laboratory succeed. We’re here to help you build a commercially successful laboratory with the right software. Psyche Software is affordable and reliable, and it fosters easy communication and ordering. Learn more about Psyche laboratory outreach solutions today to get started. 

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