Lucky Spell

Updated on January 23, 2022

Are you a fan of things like Harry Potter or the legend of Merlin? Do you enjoy the spellbinding thrill of magic? Does the very sight of a magic wand or wizard’s hat send your excitement levels off the scale? If the answer is yes to any of the above then Lucky Spell is surely the online slot for you. Eyecon Games enchanted offering is absolutely steeped in the culture around magic, in particular the supernatural nature of the dark arts. 

About Lucky Spell and its Bonus Features 

This online slot is completely based on a traditional conception of magic as the province of an old and perhaps slightly crazy wizard. As such we are introduced to a wizard in a purple gown, stood at work in his laboratory that is situated at the high point of a tower in an old castle. Think Merlin in the original Disney version of The Sword In The Stone and you will be well on your way to imagining what this video slot’s aesthetic is like. Unlike Merlin, however, this wizard is singularly preoccupied with the spinning reels next to him and the chance to win a load of money.

In a welcome change from some of the more complex offerings on the market these days, Lucky Spell has only three reels and a one single pay line. It makes things a lot more simple, and also results in a winning combination being much easier to perceive. Some gamblers might scoff at its simplicity, but there is no denying that a smaller set of reels makes it easier to play. It also gives the game a retro feel that is definitely in vogue at the moment. The combination you will want to look out for the most is three gold rings, finding this will grant you 50 times your initial bet. Not bad! 

About Eyecon and other Slots by Them 

Eyecon started out life in the innovative Australian city of Brisbane in 1997, incidentally a place where many international gaming studios were born – there must be something in the water eh? Since then the team have consistently expanded their ambitions. The first big hitter in their catalogue was the game Gore, a very popular piece of software that was downloaded millions of times and is still player today. But it was in 1999 that the company turned their focus to the burgeoning world of online casino, and since then they haven’t looked back. Now, in 2019, they receive more than 6 billion spins a year, testimony to the power of their back-catalogue. Let’s have a look at a few examples:

·         5 Ninjas

·         Twinkle

·         Unicorn Bliss

·         White Wizard

Lucky Spell: The Verdict 

Whilst Lucky Spell is an incredibly simplistic video slot by today’s standards, it still packs quite the punch. The theme is exciting and strangely endearing, whilst the three-reel set up is incredibly easy to follow. It’s more than solid effort from Eyecon, we just wish there was a few more bonus rounds and features to get excited about. 

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