Lifecell Review: Is This Cream Worth the Money?

Updated on June 23, 2020

The Lifecell cream is touted as an all-in-one formula, an anti-wrinkle cream that helps make fine lines and wrinkles virtually invisible. Developed by South Beach Skincare company, the product states a variety of claims regarding the benefits of this cream. 

Apart from the trademark wrinkle reduction, it includes removing elasticity loss, sun spots, dark spots, necklines, and discoloration. They also claim to provide complete skincare (as mentioned on their official website). 

But let’s face it, it sounds like a magic formula. Something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory, or at least from an enterprise owned by Elon Musk. Although this product promises a lot, the bottom line is that there are better products on the market that are at least worth a shot. 

XYZ Smart Collagen

Lifecell Review: Brand Overview

Lifecell cream is a common name among the most used anti-wrinkle cream, which claims to be entirely herbal. It is a revolutionary anti-aging product that has created a big name in the market.

With prolonged usage, it claims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The company also asserts to treat multiple aging signs with a single product. Though the product appears to be useful for some customers at first glance, a major part of reviews is still negative. 

Apart from that, the concentration of individual components is still not entirely known.

Also noteworthy is the simple fact that there are other, better-certified products in the market that one can look for. That is not to say that Lifecell is not good. It is not, however, the best. 

Lifecell Pros & Cons


  • It contains Vit C and retinol, which reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vit C has antioxidant properties, and along with Vitamin E, it helps in lowering cellular aging overtime. 
  • It is a combination of six different skincare products, fused into a single, fantastic formula.
  • The company offers a 30 day trial period.


  • Although the company claims no side effects, certain reviews have stated that it does have some side effects, mainly inclusive of incessant itching and sores in some cases.
  • Many customers have mentioned no positive results even after persistent usage in their reviews.
  • It includes non-refundable shipping charges.
  • To be fair, a six-in-one formula does sound a bit far fetched, even for someone like Lifecell. 

What is Lifecell Cream: Is it Legit? 

In order to answer that, we must go through a detailed analysis of the brand, its policies, the product, its ingredients, effects, test results, and the reviews. So here goes.

Lifecell ingredient analysis

According to the manufacturers, Lifecell Cream owes its magic formula to a concoction that consists of six major components. The following is a breakdown of the ingredients, as mentioned above. 

  • Retinol (vitamin A)- a derivative of Vitamin A, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. Retinol also fast tracks the creation of new blood vessels in the skin, thus improving skin color.        
  • Hyaluronic acid- When it comes to the aging of the skin, Hyaluronic acid’s moisture-binding characteristic makes it exceptionally important. It is a sugar molecule found in abundance in our skin. Topical HA serums have been shown to boost skin firmness, improve skin elasticity, and diminish wrinkles in just two weeks. Research shows that HA is not just a trend; but also, it’s one of the best skincare ingredients you can use.
  • Ubiquinone- It is an endogenously synthesized antioxidant that is crucial for cellular energy production, and its level in the body decreases with age. Having powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in reducing UV-induced inflammation. Researchers have also shown that ubiquinone (CoQ10) reduces dark spots’ appearance, which gives a youthful, even skin tone.
  • Ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C)- It is a combination of ascorbic acid (Vit c) and palmitic acid (a naturally occurring fatty acid). Vit C is a powerful antioxidant; it neutralizes the free radicals that cause oxidative stress to skin and lead to premature skin aging. It is also vital for producing collagen in skin cells, helping to support skin structure and delay signs of aging. Apart from this, it helps in preventing cross-linking of collagen in the skin.
  • DMAE (deanol)- It is a derivative of choline and often termed as a controversial ingredient for skin because researches have shown conflicting results. It seems to offer an initial benefit, but these results are short-lived.
  • Plant stem cells- Many companies have claimed that plant stem cells have outstanding anti-aging properties, as they can stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen, which, in turn, stimulates skin regeneration. However, this claim has not been proved clinically.

Shipping and Return Policy

The company offers a 30 days return policy as well as free US shipping. One can sign-up for a one-month free trial by just paying the shipping charges. If you’re dissatisfied with the product, all you have to do is return the product within 30 days so as to avoid the deduction of $189.

How does lifecell cream work?

According to their website, the LifeCell formula works on two levels.

The first level is called the Lifecell ‘instant effect’. An interesting fact: The human eye does not actually see a wrinkle. Instead, it sees the shadow created by it. 

Using this feature to its advantage, the light-reflecting micro-technology of Lifecell reduces its effectiveness. Simply put, millions of microscopic 3-D prisms eradicate the shadows by bouncing natural light directly into the wrinkles, ergo making them appear non-existent. 

Then there is the second level. Also referred to as the long-term effect, for obvious reasons, this is a targeted process. It suggests that by using LifeCell cream regularly for an extended period, one will notice a significant reduction in the typical signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration.

With the number of given antioxidants and collagen-building substances such as retinol, Vit C, and hyaluronic acid along with DMAE and few other substances, it reduces creases on face and wrinkles and helps in producing collagen. Also, Vit C shows similar properties to Vit E.

How to use lifecell’s Cream?

  • Begin with cleaning your face thoroughly with a cleanser.
  • Then take a small amount of cream on your palm and gently rub it between your fingers.
  • Gently massage a thin layer over your forehead, cheeks, eye area, lips, and the neckline, finishing off behind your earlobes. 
  • The inherent ingredients quickly permeate your cell membrane, providing you the desired effects. 
  • Use twice daily for better results.

A word of advice. Use your ring or pinky finger to carefully create a layer of the cream while applying near the eye area. Do not use more than two small droplets at a time. 

Remember to softly tap the cream into the skin, while hovering around the edge of the lower bone on the eye socket. Do not apply directly to the eyelids; it might result in redness, irritation in the eye, and swelling around it. 

Who should use lifecell, and who should not?

  • It is perfectly suitable for both women and men and targets various areas, especially the face.
  • Pregnant women should avoid lifecell cream as retinol is not considered ideal during pregnancy.
  • People with an allergic history should either avoid this cream or consult a dermatologist before use. It would be considered wise to consult a dermatologist to avoid any future medical issues.

Lifecell side effects

While lifecell contains many ingredients, one primary component it misses out on is SPF. Now, while it argues that the chemicals present within sunscreen formulas do not mix well with the cream’s natural elements, it is a valid point.

But at the same time, harmful rays from the sun is the primary cause of facial tissue damage. It was only natural that the omission of SPF led to some negative results.

A significant fraction of negative reviews complained of allergic reactions, including rashes and skin irritation. Some consumers have also complained about acne breakouts. Thus it is advisable to test a small amount of cream on your skin (such as the fore of your hands) 24 hours before applying the cream on your face.

Final Word on Lifecell

We’re reasonably confident about Lifecell and think it would be safe to say that Lifecell is not a fake product or a ripoff, ergo making it a genuine product.

However, the same confidence cannot be displayed when asked if it is the best of its kind. Moreover, it’s not so reliable when looked at its cons.

You can find some better alternatives in the market with one of them suggested down below. Have a look at it!

Better Available Alternative 

XYZ Smart Collagen

While there are many other products in the market that you can opt for if you do not find yourself satisfied with lifecell cream. One name that shines among the rest is XYZ collagen.

Described as the cream that stops the clocks and returns you to the young, old days, XYZ collagen is a plant-potent based formula. Its manufacturers claim that it helps synthesize high-quality collagen and maintain a healthy balance between degradation and synthesis of collagen.

It is produced by Wolfsen berg limited, which has dedicated a decade to provide organic and healthy skincare products. Their products are scientifically proven and tested, and they have received positive reviews for their customer care services.


The multiple benefits of XYZ collagen include-


Often with aging, the amount of moisture content in our skin also reduces, resulting in degradation of skin texture. This cream helps in hydrating and softening the surface to give an enhanced skin texture.


Let’s face it; we all hate stretch marks. Well, during the process of overall healing of the skin, XYZ Collagen spares a significant amount of effort to help that. The unique remedy shows its effects quickly and helps reduce the size and depth of stretch marks and blemishes. 


Wrinkles are simply the painful remains of previously taut skin. The sagging of facial tissue causes this due to the decreasing amount and size of collagens present within the skin. Since this cream helps in increasing the production of skin collagen, it is an excellent tool for reducing wrinkles along with fine lines. 


Apart from all the above, XYZ Collagen helps increase the elasticity of the skin, lifts up sagging skin, and helps create an overall taut, firm, and bright skin. 

How Does It Work?

The primary function of XYZ Smart Collagen is that it helps in the replenishment of collagen present in the facial tissues. The plant extracts aim at increasing the synthesis of the protein.

At the same time, they aim to control the breakdown of the vital skin material, thus ensuring a balance between both degradation and synthesis. It also keeps in check the number of leukotrienes, which induce excessive collagen synthesis, which other creams often fail to regulate.


XYZ Collagen is primarily made up of a plant sap of Bulbine frutescens. Native to the land of South Africa, this unique sap contains two high-quality compounds that have been scientifically proven to increase collagen production without triggering the body’s natural immune response.

Those two compounds are:

Knipholone- Helps in stopping the deposition of collagen in the skin.

Acetylated Polymannose or APM- Responsible for increased collagen production.

Apart from the main ingredient, the cream-based formula encompasses nature-based components. Keeping in mind the industry standards, these sustainably grown organic products are certified by fair trade and authorities. The method is nature friendly, does not contain any artificial ingredients, or any kind of mineral oils.

Furthermore, the formula is specially prepared via a cold-pressing method to ensure cent percent purity and quality. Unlike the (quite primitive, I might add) blade-based extraction methods, which cause more damage than extraction to the ingredients, this method is a much better alternative. 

Instead of exposing the components directly to heat or oxygen, these plant leaves are cold-pressed gently. In addition to extracting the most sap, this process makes sure that the active ingredients are preserved to be used in the formula later.


So far, there have been no side-effects stated for this cream.


1. It helps in reducing wrinkles and lines.

2. It improves skin texture.

3. It helps in healing tattooed skin.

4. It reduces the size/depth of stretch marks.


1. Only available online.


Conclusion- What should You Buy?

Although the manufacturers have claimed a lot of things about lifecell cream, it fails to meet up the standards. Given that many of the reviews have stated either no significant changes, even after persistent usage or skin irritations, it is better to look for alternatives if it does not work for you.

The XYZ Smart Collagen cream is a brilliant formula, specifically designed to reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Another of its many benefits is that it helps to heal damaged skin and improves the overall texture.

XYZ collagen can be considered a better choice since it is tested and certified by 12 dermatologists. With its organic composition, it has shown no allergic reactions after applying it on skin. Also, many of the reviews have mentioned changes in just 2-3 weeks.

Apart from this, its cost is significantly lower than the lifecell cream, and the customer care service is quite reliable too.

The company claims to make you look 7.5 years younger. However, even if you do not look 7.5 years more youthful, you’ll still end up with significant changes in your skin that are worth spending your money on this product.

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