Lesser-known benefits of medicinal marijuana

Updated on September 2, 2021

You have probably heard of the most common uses for marijuana and the benefits it provides in treating a variety of disorders. In many US states, you can get a medical card in order to access dispensaries across the USA. Here are some lesser-known uses for medicinal marijuana.

1. Slow (and even stop) cancer – You have probably heard about the use of marijuana to help patients increase their appetite and manage the nausea that comes with chemotherapy. However, it has also been shown to slow down the growth of certain types of cancer cells and even stop new cancer growth in some cases.

2. Help with Hepatitis C treatment – The treatment for Hepatitis C has severe side effects that can make it difficult for patients to continue with it. Marijuana has been shown to help with a number of these side effects such as depression, loss of appetite, nausea, and muscle aches. It has even been shown to help improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. Help with ADHD/ADD – Medical marijuana can help improve focus for those who suffer from ADD or ADHD and can be a healthier option than more traditional prescription drugs for these disorders.

4. Increase lung capacity – Studies have shown that cannabis can actually increase lung function and capacity possibly from the long inhalations whilst smoking marijuana.

5. Treat diabetes – Cannabis can help to regulate blood sugar and improve blood pressure and circulation, making it a powerful treatment for diabetes.

6. Protect the brain – There have been several studies that show that cannabis can protect the brain from damage such as after a stroke, concussion, or other trauma. 

7. Decrease nightmares – Marijuana has been used to decrease or eliminate nightmares in patients who suffer from chronic nightmares or PTSD.

8. Helps treat glaucoma – Glaucoma increases the pressure on the eyeball and can lead to a loss of vision. Marijuana helps to decrease this pressure and so can slow down the progression of the disease and help prevent blindness.

9. Help to reverse the carcinogenic effect of tobacco – Lots of studies have shown that marijuana will not impair lung function and can actually increase lung capacity. Thus this can help to counteract the negative effects of smoking tobacco.

10. Control epileptic seizures – The ingredients in marijuana such as cannabinoids and THC can help control epileptic seizures by binding to the brain cells responsible for the control of excitability and the regulation of relaxation. 

11. Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s – THC, the active chemical in marijuana, can slow the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzymes in the brain that produce them. These plaques kill brain cells which leads to Alzheimer’s.

12. Decrease the symptoms of Dravet syndrome – Dravet syndrome can lead to seizures and severe developmental delays. Using cannabis can significantly reduce the instances of seizures. It is believed that cannabidiol in the plant tends to interact with the brain cells and quiet the excessive activity inside the brain that eventually leads to seizures.

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