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Kelly Ketterson joins Genomic Prediction Team as Chief Operating Officer

Genomic Prediction is pleased to announce that Kelly Ketterson has joined the company as its new Chief Operating Officer.

At CooperSurgical Ketterson first served as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. After building CooperSurgical’s US Center of Excellence and embryology training program she moved into the role of Vice President of Medical Affairs where she worked to bring awareness to infertility as a disease.

Ketterson was trained and worked under the direction of Dr. Jacques Cohen and Dr. Mina Aliknai from 1996-2004 at The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and alongside Dr. Santiago Munné in the development of embryo biopsy and PGT as a reference laboratory test. She is a highly experienced clinical embryologist specializing in embryo biopsy techniques, routine IVF procedures, quality control, clinical research trials and laboratory operations.

“I have had an incredible career and I thought it could not get any better until I received Dr. Treff’s call asking me to join his team at Genomic Prediction,” said Ketterson. “Everything about my position on this team, their passion to improve reproductive genetic care for IVF patients and the warm welcome I have received is positioned to be the highlight of my tenure in reproductive health.”

Ketterson has also served as the Executive Director for several educational conferences specializing in the continuing education of reproductive endocrinologists, IVF nurses, embryologists, andrologists and administrative staff. She has traveled throughout the world performing embryo biopsy procedures, improving laboratory standards and teaching micromanipulation techniques.

Prior to her role with Genomic Prediction and Cooper Surgical, Ketterson was the Chief Operating Officer Reprogenetics, Executive Director of Tyho-Galileo Research Laboratories and Althea Science. She has also completed the Master’s Program in Biomedical Science at the Jones Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ketterson is passionate about the IVF field and her experience includes R&D in the area of IVF products and services, co-founding companies in the genomics space as well as development of web applications to improve the quality control in the IVF laboratory. She regularly participates with RESOLVE in their annual events to bring an understanding of infertility, IVF procedures and access to care for patients needing IVF services. Ketterson has served on both the ASRM exhibitor committee and the ESHRE genomics working group.

“We are so pleased that Kelly is joining our team,” said Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Genomic Prediction, Dr. Nathan Treff. “Her years of experience combined with her real passion for improving the industry on behalf of patients is second to none.”

Genomic Prediction CEO, Laurent Christian Asker Melchior Tellier echoed Treff’s sentiment saying “a true pro, we are thrilled that Kelly brings her collaborative spirit and deep knowledge to the Genomic Prediction family.”

About Genomic Prediction

Genomic Prediction is redefining human embryo genetic testing through ultra high resolution genetic reports so that, for the first time in human history, prospective parents can protect their future children from inheriting a predisposition to the most common diseases. Genomic Prediction’s LifeView testing platform screens for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, schizophrenia, and common cancers. We provide parents undergoing In Vitro Fertility treatments (IVF) with the means to reduce the risk to their embryos of chromosomal abnormalities, and other heritable diseases. Backed by rigorous preclinical validation and a unique interdisciplinary approach that combines years of experience in molecular genetics and computational biology, LifeView provides a one-of-a-kind machine learning based prediction of genetic abnormalities. Learn more about Genomic Prediction’s LifeView testing at

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