Keeping Up Wellness Internally For Your Business

Updated on July 23, 2023

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies constantly seek ways to enhance productivity and boost their bottom line. However, many organizations overlook one crucial aspect that can significantly impact their success: employee wellness. Incorporating wellness practices within your business will benefit your employees and contribute to your organization’s overall success and growth. 

Employee wellness goes beyond simply addressing physical health; it encompasses physical and emotional well-being. By prioritizing wellness practices, businesses can create a positive work environment that fosters employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. DermaCrush Medical Aesthetics, a leader in non-invasive cosmetic dermatology services in Arizona, understands the significance of employee well-being and has successfully integrated wellness practices within their organization.

One of the key benefits of incorporating wellness practices is improved employee productivity. Research has consistently shown that physically and mentally well employees perform better at work. By promoting a healthy work-life balance and providing resources for physical and mental well-being, businesses can help employees feel energized, focused, and motivated. DermaCrush believes happy and inspired employees will be more productive and contribute to a thriving work culture.

The Pain Center (TPC), Arizona’s leading provider of advanced pain therapies, has also recognized the impact of employee wellness on productivity and profitability. TPC has implemented flexible working arrangements and encourages daily breaks to provide employees with necessary mental and physical downtime. By acknowledging the importance of employee well-being, TPC has experienced higher production levels and increased employee satisfaction, ultimately contributing to higher profitability.

Another advantage of incorporating wellness practices is the positive impact on employee retention and recruitment. In today’s competitive job market, prospective employees increasingly seek organizations prioritizing employee well-being. A workplace promoting wellness clearly conveys that the company values its employees and their holistic health. DermaCrush has created a healthy work environment and culture that attracts individuals who want to be part of a supportive and thriving team. By investing in a Chief People Officer, they have demonstrated their commitment to providing the right environment for their employees to thrive.

Moreover, wellness practices can significantly reduce healthcare costs for businesses. Employees who are healthy and well are less likely to experience illness, absenteeism, and healthcare-related expenses. By promoting preventive care, offering wellness programs, and creating a supportive work environment, businesses can proactively address health issues and reduce healthcare costs in the long run. Through their organization’s health plan, TPC offers a health and wellness program and actively participates in community events promoting healthy living. DermaCrush fosters open communication, provides schedule flexibility, and encourages support among team members.

Incorporating wellness practices into your business is not just a trend; it is a strategic decision that can yield numerous benefits for your organization. By prioritizing employee wellness, you can enhance productivity, attract and retain top talent, reduce healthcare costs, and create a positive and thriving work culture. 

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Marie Baker
President and Medical Director at DermaCrush Medical Aesthetics

DermaCrush Medical Aesthetics President and Medical Director Marie Baker FNP-C is an Arizona native and board-certified family nurse practitioner providing non-invasive cosmetic dermatology services in Scottsdale. Marie works to empower both men and women to feel and look their absolute best through restorative facial aesthetics, non-surgical facial and body enhancements, and the utilization of lasers and energy devices to provide natural results that rejuvenate and enhance the skin. Marie received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Arizona State University and her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Grand Canyon University, as well as trained and collaborated with some of the most prestigious medical professionals in the Valley. As a board-certified family nurse practitioner, she has the authority and scope to diagnose disease and prescribe medication, as required to be a medical director.

steven siwek md 2
Steven M. Siwek, MD, MBA

Steven M. Siwek, MD, MBA, is the Valley’s leading pain management specialist and is the first doctor to perform various minimally invasive procedures for pain treatment, including the spinal fuse and others. Dr. Siwek completed medical school at New York Medical College and finished his residency and fellowship at Mayo Clinic. He received a Masters of Business Administration at Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University. After completing residency, Dr. Siwek founded The Pain Center of Arizona in 2002 to offer treatment, support, and resources to address chronic pain’s physical, mental, and emotional impact.