How to Prevent Injuries in Everyday Life

Updated on June 9, 2021

In a perfect world, incidents and accidents wouldn’t happen.  We could move through life without ever having to know the surprise and fear of a fender-bender or avoid having to feel the anxiety of an earthquake or hurricane: but unfortunately, all of these happen.

The most we can do in life is work to avoid these issues so that they don’t affect us or try to be prepared to minimize their impact if they do occur.  Here are the top ways to prevent injuries in everyday life; by following these steps, we can avoid any more issues from damage.

Take Safety Precautions That Should Be Obvious

Everyone should use their turn signal and that we all follow the speed limit and pay attention to traffic signs: but many people don’t. So instead, we’re stuck with having to fight off the trouble that comes from this.  Do your best to follow local safety laws, and don’t take daring behavior lightly.

You may think that going ten miles over the speed limit because you’re late for work isn’t a big deal, but is being late for work worth a possible car accident or injury?  Driving defensively will ensure that you never need physical therapy tools for ankle injuries from hitting the brakes so hard.

Keep Your House and Vehicle Protected

If you know that you live in a hurricane area, you can take some simple steps to protect yourself.  Buying storm windows is just a start and will keep you dry and mostly safe, but it shouldn’t be your only approach.  From here, work to give yourself a fighting chance.  Try to buy any property in an area that hasn’t previously flooded.  From here, do what you can to ensure that your home is secure enough that a strong wind won’t burst down your doors or windows.  Although you may think your home is safe, if you have a draft: it’s not.  

Don’t Look At Your Phone and Drive, Walk, or Exercise.

Our phones are the most dangerous things we have in our homes.  We’re on them for several hours every day; we lose ourselves on our screens, making us vulnerable to errors and injuries.  When you’re walking, driving, or exercising: don’t look at your phone.  People on their phones are known to walk into things accidentally, strut into traffic, or trip is missing an item in their way.  Do better for yourself, and avoid serious injury by waiting until you’re sitting still, not inside a vehicle, to check your messages.

Work Out and Eat Healthily

A healthier body is less likely to be harmed.  This doesn’t mean you have to be skinny, but you have to be flexible, have a little bit of muscle, and the ability to move out of the way of danger if the need arises.

In older adults, having a layer of fat will cushion them if they fall and is better for heart health.  Don’t let this go too far; obesity is a leading cause of heart disease; just ensure that you feel healthy and strong in your body.

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