How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Updated on December 17, 2022

Removing body hair by shaving, plucking, or waxing works, but within a short time, you always find that the hair grows back. This is exasperating, not to mention the possible cuts or pain you may undergo every time. On the other hand, leaving overgrown hair on your body may make you less attractive, uncomfortable or susceptible to infections.  

So, for a long-lasting though not permanent solution, you should try laser hair removal. This procedure involves removing hair using a concentrated beam of light or laser. You can use it on your legs, bikini area, armpits, and others.  

As with any medical procedure, you still need to prepare for it. Here’s how to prepare for laser hair removal: (1) 

  1. Find a reliable clinic 

Your starting point to effective laser hair removal is finding a dependable clinic. There are several laser clinics Liverpool residents go to for hair removal. With such trustworthy clinics, you get excellent services with experienced professionals. Here are some considerations when looking for a reliable clinic: 

  • Don’t take price tags at face value. Prices may be affordable, given that clinics leverage economies of scale. In other words, they serve numerous clients, so they can evenly spread their expenses across a large group of people. Other less popular clinics may charge exorbitant fees yet the treatments are the same. Therefore, it’s wise to compare the prices before picking one. Strike a safe balance between affordability and quality. 
  • Look at the equipment. You should find the best lasers which have been approved for use by the relevant licensing boards. Unreliable clinics may use equipment they’ve gotten from the black market, which may cause catastrophic side effects. 
  • Look for expertise. You should be assured of painless procedures with very little skin irritation because of the high level of safety standards they practice. 
  1. Avoid waxing or plucking 

Waxing and plucking are common methods for partial hair removal, but you wouldn’t want to try them just before going for the laser treatment. This is because they may damage hair follicles. Consequently, the laser treatment may fail to work because the procedure also focuses on the hair follicles. So, if you’ve recently done waxing, it’s wise to wait for three to four weeks before you embark on laser treatment. (2) 

  1. Inform the clinicians of any current medications  

If you’re on any medications, ensure you’ve told your physician about them. For instance, when taking blood thinners, you may want to let your doctors know this information so that they’ll advise you on whether or not to go forward with laser removal. Although it’s rare to bleed during laser treatment, blood thinning medicine may make you susceptible to bruising and profuse bleeding. (3) 

Don’t hesitate to let your doctors know about any medication you’re currently taking. They’re well-trained and know how to prioritize your health, which makes them serve you better. But if you don’t speak to them beforehand, you might experience unwarranted side effects, such as irritation or pain during laser treatment. 

  1. Avoid sun exposure 

Before this procedure, ensure you avoid too much exposure to the sun. This is because the laser beams may react with the sunburns you get while outside, which may cause a lot of pain during the procedure. But this shouldn’t limit you from doing any outdoor activities you might have planned. Just ensure you have sunscreen with you every time you leave the house. 

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  1. Shave before treatment 

The doctor may advise you to shave, at least, a day before the laser treatment. If the hair above your skin surface is long, especially in sensitive parts like bikini areas, it may get burned during laser hair removal and cause damage to your skin. 

There’s a misconception among many people that laser treatment may not work after shaving. This isn’t true at all. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles beneath your skin. Thus, even after trimming, the laser beams can still access the follicles. 

  1. Clean your skin 

On top of bathing properly, avoid chemicals like skin care oils or deodorants before you get to the clinic for laser hair removal. Remember, the chemical substances could react with the laser beams and leave you with burnt skin or cause extreme skin reactions, such as redness. 


Laser hair removal is more long-lasting than other conventional hair removal methods like plucking and waxing. If properly done, you’ll not need to shave for the next two or so years. So, start looking for a trustworthy and reliable laser clinic around your neighborhood. To find experienced clinicians in your city, do a Google search on “Laser hair removal new york city.” Experienced clinicians will offer incredible insight into how to do laser treatment effectively. They’ll also advise you on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as how to avoid any preventable side effects. But of course, it still pays to know these ways mentioned in this article on your own.  


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