How to Market Legal Marijuana Online

Updated on February 9, 2022
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Marketing is the backbone of any business including a legal marijuana business.  If done strategically and consistently the returns are high conversion rates, a feat that will translate to profits! With the increase in the number of options for products and services, online marketing is no longer more of a choice for any business including your legal marijuana business. In this article, we will tell you why you should market your legal marijuana and products online plus ways to do effective legal cannabis marketing.  

In business, visibility is crucial, and since many of us love using online platforms it makes sense that digital marketing is the new way of selling products and services online. Marijuana vendors and cannabis marketing agencies are slowly but equally make that shift as well.

Online marketing enables two-way communication unlike in the majority of traditional marketing methods where there are slim to zero chances of getting immediate feedback from the target audience. In TV ads, for example, sellers have to wait to see the response from the target audience which may take long or it might even never come. In other words, it is a bit difficult to measure the effectiveness of a strategy or the audiences’ attitude toward the product or service. In online spaces, products are made visible, information exchanged, sales made, and deliveries done. If you want to acquire customers, you need to simply advertise online, follow the leads and convert prospects. By marketing marijuana online, it is easier to tailor and measure the effectiveness of the efforts and investments you input. 

Online marijuana marketing is also way cheaper compared to traditional methods and it allows sellers like dispensaries to personalize their outreach. Another huge advantage is that you get to bypass some of the legal restrictions that have been placed in marketing marijuana to the public, in most places.  There are numerous advantages of online cannabis marketing, these are just but a few.  Let’s give you a few tips for marketing cannabis online.  

Cannabis Marketing Online

Despite being legal in some places countries, there are still many restrictions when it comes to cannabis marketing online. Where permitted, you should tread carefully to avoid stepping on the wrong lane and facing legal consequences. In fact, cannabis marketing experts recommend that you understand marijuana laws in your state, country or region before marketing or even setting up a marijuana business. 

Now, here are a few tips and ways to do successful legal cannabis marketing online:

  • Educate your customers– Research shows that educating customers has significant benefits in marketing. Customer education equips with knowledge on matters of marijuana in the target audience. Marijuana education answers questions like legality, the benefits, how and where to buy, etc.  You can do it in many ways including using social media channels, blogs, content marketing strategies, etc.
  • SEO:  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to strategies that make your business appear on the front pages whenever people search about marijuana. There are many ways to increase SEO traffic including using marijuana link building, optimizing the content on your site, etc. Looking for more SEO assistance? Contact Mj Seo.
  • Consider influencers– it’s incredible how the internet has helped people gain fame. Some have an impressive following and they can sell your brand to their following thus building visibility and sales. Looking for partner influencers but consider someone who shares the same values, beliefs, and attitudes towards marijuana. 
  • Affiliate marketing– You can also use the affiliate model of marketing where you sign up partners who will sell marijuana on your behalf and get commissions. 

Although marijuana marketing still faces multiple hurdles, you can still take advantage of online channels to grow your business. But, you can only sell marijuana legally to avoid any lawsuits. 

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