How To Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient

Updated on May 27, 2021
How To Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient

Having the most efficient medical office can improve your relationship with patients and decrease the number of hours you are in the office each day. Getting clients to their appointments on time is better for everyone, but it is sometimes challenging. Knowing how to make your medical practice more efficient will help you retain staff and patients. Keep reading to uncover the most common ways to enhance your facility.

Put Patient Intake Forms Online

You instruct patients to show up early to fill out paperwork, but some clients may forget or run into an issue that prevents them from making it to their appointment before the scheduled slot. Improve efficiency by having them fill out their intake forms before they arrive. Host documents on your website or send them to clients via email so that they can take their time properly filling them out in the comfort of their own homes.

Pro Tip: Allow patients to schedule appointments online or through an app. That way, your staff will have more time to check in and take care of clients on-site instead of answering calls.

File Heath Records Electronically

Digitized patient health records are much easier to access. You can streamline the intake process for current patients by quickly pulling up their records. If you have a surplus of documents that need digitizing, you may want to consider DIY vs. professional scanning services. A professional service may be the best option if you have a massive number of documents in different sizes that you need to scan quickly. Then, save all your records to a cloud and encrypt them so that you will know who is accessing them and when.

Hold Regular Meetings With Your Staff

You should meet regularly with your staff to keep everyone on the same page about company policies and procedures. Begin the day with a check-in that puts your constituents in a positive mind space and ensures everyone knows what their tasks are for the day. Offer additional training to staff so that they can continue to sharpen their skills and provide the best care to your patients.

Patients can tell the difference between a well-run medical office and one that still needs to modernize. Keep up with the competition by investing in technologies and policies that will bring your practice into the 21st century. You should know how to make your medical practice more efficient for the benefit of your patients, your staff, and the future of your business.