How to Live a Healthier Life and Improve Your Life Insurance Premiums

Updated on January 10, 2024

Your health impacts everything from your relationships to your physical ability to work. It even influences how you perceive yourself and place in the world. On a practical note, health also influences your finances. Paying for medical care and even securing health and life insurance are more challenging if you do not live a lifestyle that’s right for your personal wellbeing. How you live affects how healthy you are, and this in turn alters the rate you pay for life insurance. Providers are in the business of earning money based on a person’s average life expectancy; if they are more likely to die than the average, healthy person, they cost more to insure and are, inevitably, more of a loss than a gain. 

If you’re curious about how much your policy is currently worth, you can check the value of a life insurance settlement online for free in just a few seconds. It can be difficult to discuss such matters from such a stoic and cavalier standpoint, but understanding this mentality from a financial perspective can help you understand why your health influences how much you pay for good life insurance. Moving forward, let’s discuss why being healthy matters, how you can start to live better and possibly qualify for better coverage in the process.

Learn About Your Family’s Medical History

Your background impacts premiums because family history can predispose you to diseases, like cancer or heart disease. Although you may not have any of these diagnoses yourself, their prevalence in your bloodline can impact the rates you’re given for coverage. You can counter this by being well informed about your risks and taking every step to lower them; being in the best physical state for your unique body and abilities will help counter any strikes your genetics have against you.

Focus on What You Can Do Now

Personal wellness looks a bit different for everyone, but there are core components to every human’s physical and mental wellbeing that are supported by science. A doctor can’t prescribe the perfect weight for you, for example, but they can tell you the ideal range you should aim for to live comfortably and decrease your risk for diseases and complications. Small habits have long-term effects when it comes to wellbeing. The simple lifestyle choices you make, like ordering a coffee with non-fat milk instead of whole, can carry over into larger benefits. You should abstain from any substance that puts you at an elevated risk of developing a disease; alcohol and tobacco are considered risky substances to a life insurance company, even if you use them in moderation.

Reach Your Best Abilities

Even if you are disabled, you can find an exercise routine that is within your ability. Wellness does not have an age or limit; everyone is able to stay healthy in their own way, even those with chronic conditions or limited mobility. If you are unsure how to go about this, start by reaching out to your physician. Ask them for personalized recommendations on how you can improve your health. Next, learn as much as you can about nutrition and exercise. Just start with the basics, and make sure that you are getting everything your body needs to stay healthy now and prevent illness and disease in the future.  Certain insurance providers are actually offering discounted rates, to those who have a regular exercise routine.  Melissa Thompson of Diabetes 365 notes ” Health and life insurance rates can be discounted if you show insurance companies that you have an active lifestyle.  By sharing basic data from FitBit, or Apple Watches, companies may offer discounted rates.  Or if you have a chronic illness like Diabetes, showing them you’re exercising will also lead to discounted rates.  Life insurance for diabetes is always going to be more expensive, so any type of discounted rates are most certainly going to be welcomed.”

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