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How To Hire Excellent People for Your Medical Practice

Your patients deserve the best care possible. This starts with having the best people on your staff, which in turn starts with making smart hiring decisions. Of course, it can be difficult to find a quality employee among dozens or even hundreds of applicants. How do you sort through the piles of resumes to find someone who fits your requirements, values, and goals? It may take some time but investing resources and energy into your hiring process always pays off in the end. Learn how to hire excellent people for your medical practice with these expert tips.

Write Clear Job Descriptions

A good hiring decision starts with putting the word out. You want your job description to attract qualified and passionate applicants. As such, this description should be clear and direct. Provide potential candidates with a rundown of the role and its responsibilities. It helps to consult current employees within the role. In addition to getting accurate information, this will help you gather employee input on the expectations and priorities of their department.

Perform Thorough Background Checks

Background checks are a given part of how to hire excellent people for your medical practice. After all, your employees will work with vulnerable populations and have access to private patient records. There’s no overstating how crucial background checks are to the healthcare industry. On top of standard information like criminal records and employment verification, you should make sure your screening process includes the most important background checks for medical professionals. For example, your employees’ proximity to various medications and prescription drugs makes a drug screening particularly important. A professional license verification and federal exclusion search are also crucial for every new hire.

Don’t Set Anything in Stone

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As much as you’d love for the perfect candidate to submit their resume, reality often differs from expectations. Your favorite candidate might be unhappy with your salary offer. The best person for the job might be a couple years short of your experience expectations. Be prepared to adjust to fit your top candidate. The right hire will always be worth it. You might even find that these adjustments help you attract better candidates and employees in the future.

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