How to Find an Excellent Cosmetic Dentist

Updated on September 17, 2021
Dentist wearing eyeglasses gloves and mask examining a patient teeth with a dental probe and a mirror in a clinic box with equipment in the background

These days, cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity due to lifestyle changes. Many individuals take sweet tooth products like sweets, biscuits, cakes and chocolates, which expose them to tooth decay. Sadly, these tooth-decaying products are readily available.

The deteriorating condition of our teeth is also caused by people who mostly cannot afford the best cosmetic dentist. The effects of Covid 19, which led to the closure of many businesses and the loss of many jobs, has not made the situation any better. 

If you need a cosmetic dental specialist, you will need an excellent guide to follow to access a professional. Here are some tips to assist you in finding the right cosmetic dentist: 

Do some research

Take time to learn what happens in cosmetic dentistry without waiting for the dentist to give you information.  For example, you need to tell the difference between a dental bridge and an implant. 

If you are focused on aesthetic needs, then cosmetic dentistry is your line. These kinds of dentists work like standard dentists, but they have a unique eye for beauty. They don’t just focus on clearing the problem but also focus on the beauty of your teeth. They will carry out other special procedures that explicitly target the process’s aesthetic need, making them more viable for this kind of need.

Use Special Procedures

The specialists do not just want to repair your teeth. They want them to look even and not crooked.  Using a process called orthodontics or dental implant therapy, these specialists will align your teeth. 

They also whiten yellowing teeth by bleaching them, fill in any gaps using resins and cover any stains leaving your teeth looking beautiful and even. Furthermore, they protect your teeth using porcelain or plastic veneers. This improves the appearance of your stained, chipped or misshapen teeth.

The Proof is in the pudding.

As the saying goes, you have to see results before you can make a choice. You know you are making the best choice if you can see the dentist’s handiwork. Your dentist of choice should be able to provide you with evidence of his dental competency.

Friends and family could recommend someone for you, but you should follow your logical train of thought. Start by checking to see if their website offers a before and after results gallery. 

Look for testimonies from people who have had their teeth done by this dentist. Most  reviews are very helpful and help you understand the personality, specialities and reputation of the office.

A Variety of Dental Cosmetic Choices

A good dentist should have a wide variety of ways to beautify your smile by improving your teeth’s appearance. A cosmetic dental specialist should have multiple specialities in this area. 

Usually, you will need more than just one procedure to get your smile home. Your plan will be customized to suit your personal needs.

Some cosmetic techniques like laser gum contouring, cosmetic bonding will provide you a better outcome when done by a cosmetic specialist.

Consider Value over Price

Naturally, the matter of dental cost is a priority. If you are going to have a procedure, you need to be able to pay for it. So, compare the prices offered with other dental clinics.

Because cosmetic dentistry is reasonably affordable and a great value, investing in your smile today can pay off for a lifetime. Choosing a dentist should be more about where you will gain the care you deserve than doing a cost-comparison.

Choose a cosmetic dental specialist who has a long-term, positive reputation for quality dental work over who offers the lowest price.

Training and Education

Since dental cosmetics is a luxury, you need to get the best that there is. A highly qualified dentist is your best bet.  Do not settle for the less capable or quacks.

You want a dentist who has advanced technology at his fingertips. This way, you can be assured of getting the best and the latest dentistry on the market. Dentists from within the US should be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, while abroad should have international accreditation like the World Clinical Laser Institute.

Digital Technology Consultation

Some dentists have very advanced equipment that can recreate your smile digitally and give you a sneak preview of what to expect. It can show you what the result of your procedure will look like.

The data regarding your issue of putting on veneers, braces or teeth whitening is fed into the machines, and a colour image of your altered dental formulae appears. This should help you make a more informed choice.

At-Home Treatment Options

Your daily at-home oral care is important to bring out your dream smile and maintain oral health. Some procedures, like teeth whitening can be done at home – but you avoid risks and generally have better results when performed or at least overseen by an oral professional. 

Some underlying issues with your teeth like hypomineralization or disease may need to be considered. Avoid any strong whitening bleaches without checking with your dentist.

Try Orthodontics

Orthodonticsis a cosmetic dentistry approach that takes a bit longer to accomplish than the one visit treatments. They include braces for growing children. 

Effects of orthodontics are visible in the long term and usually deal with the whole set of teeth and are therefore cheaper.

Parting Shot

Finding an excellent cosmetic dentist requires one to take various steps. Here, we highlighted and explained the tips that you can use to find the best professional. 

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