How Is Heroin Addiction Treated At Muse Treatment?

Updated on June 3, 2022

Heroin is highly addicting. Many people who use it develop a use addiction, which leads to health issues, impairments, and other mental problems. Heroin enters your brain instantly regardless of how it is taken, and it is easy to become addicted even after only one or two uses. Many people usually use heroin to cope with anxiety, anxieties, and other sources of stress.

The number of persons using heroin in the United States has overgrown due to the increasing consumption of prescribed opioids such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, which are chemically similar to heroin. Several mental health issues and deaths also occurred, making fentanyl one of the leading causes of overdose deaths in the United States.

Muse Alcohol & Drug Rehab provides treatment programs tailored to the specific needs of each individual who has been addicted to heroin for a long time. They use multiple ways to treat the addiction and bring their patient’s life back on track to living their lives without the use of heroin in their daily lives. The following are some of the methods Muse Treatment use.

Asking about the drug use

Because it is not just the medications and treatments that affect the treatment process, the patient of a heroin addict must also be supported by family and friends. The first step in assisting the patient’s recovery is to ask about their drug use. Knowing the extent of their drug use will help treat their addiction.

They should then be sent to a professional treatment center where they can choose from various programs, such as Muse Treatment, which offers both inpatient and outpatient options for long-term recovery.

Offer an excellent support system

After a patient is admitted to Muse Treatment, the facility offers some of the best support systems for patients to recover from their addiction comfortably. Several persons and organizations come together to encourage the addict and assist them in achieving their goal of recovery while also offering emotional support.

The detox process

Heroin’s effects are felt immediately, but detoxification is difficult. The detoxification procedure is usually carried out under medical supervision, and it can take up to ten days for the substance to be removed entirely from the system. Although the detox process is made as comfortable as possible, patients may experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, sweating, muscle discomfort, etc.

Monitored detoxification may also involve injecting medicines such as Suboxone which is widely recognized as the most effective method of treating heroin addiction. It contains buprenorphine and naloxone that resembles the properties of heroin but to a much small degree. They also undergo intense counseling, which is necessary for long-term recovery and sobriety.

Other treatment option

Though medical detox is one of the most effective ways to treat Heroin addiction, not all can go through the process. Therefore, various treatments, such as behavioral therapy, are used at Muse Treatment in conjunction with other treatment forms. It provides the individual with the adaptive skills required to maintain sobriety.

Another approach is a dual diagnosis, which focuses on medically rehabilitating people while simultaneously focusing on their mental health issues and treating them. Individuals can also use group treatments to discuss their past and present experiences and learn from others about different ways to cope with the healing process.

Bottom Line

It might be challenging to recover from heroin addiction. However, with the proper support from the right people and medical therapy, individuals can substantially benefit from their recovery and long-term sobriety. Life outside of a rehab center can be tough; therefore, persons should make an effort to participate in the many programs offered by the rehab center and adhere to the post-recovery treatments to maintain their sobriety.

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