How Can Seniors Prevent Mobility Issues

Updated on October 13, 2020

As people age, one of the things that become affected is an individual’s mobility or the ability to move around. Muscle weakness, poor eyesight, joint issues, bone loss, diseases, and other neurological disorders contribute to mobility issues. Unfortunately, mobility problems can physically prevent a person from engaging in activities they love and enjoy. As a result, there are feelings of depression, social isolation, anxiety, and even a decline in health.  

Though there may be some limitations and precautions due to the age factor, the elderly should continue to engage in their beloved hobbies. Remaining active is a primary ingredient to aging gracefully. Addressing problems that impact mobility and taking preventive measures will help improve physical and mental wellness. Here are some tips to help seniors prevent mobility issues. 

Choose the Right Mobility Products to Help Them Stay Active

Picking the right equipment will help in managing mobility problems in seniors.To ensure that seniors are confident in staying active, they must be given the right tools and solutions to help them address any physical issues so they can continue living a good life. For those who are unsteady on their feet, a cane or a walker is advisable. Instead of just buying in the drugstore, one fitted by a physical therapist is ideal as they customize the device to fit the senior’s height. A therapist will also teach them how to use it properly. 

Additionally, seniors must wear well-fitting flat or low-fee shoes with good grip and support. Footwear is paramount to comfort and will help mitigate accidents. Those who already have existing conditions that limit movement must rely on assistive devices to continue their activities. Devices like scooters, GPS trackers for those with dementia, or wheelchairs will ascertain that the elderly can continue to enjoy engaging in hobbies and fostering social connections. 

Regular Physical Activity 

Everyone knows the undeniable benefits of exercise as it stimulates blood flow, helps the body excrete toxins, promotes weight manage, improves cardiac function, and more. Physical inactivity is a major contributor to mortality, with the World Health Organization reporting 3.2 million deaths annually due to physical inactivity. Older adults who still don’t have an exercise routine must ask their doctor for advice before starting a new regimen. 

The elderly are encouraged to move because in fact physical activity is medicine to older adults. Regular exercise will help the elderly strengthen muscles, regulate bodily functions, and improve flexibility. Many age-appropriate activities can also be customized to meet a person’s fitness level. Whether walking, dancing, or weight lifting, a regular physical routine is a major factor in maintaining strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance. All these factors influence a person’s mobility. 

Conduct Stretching Exercises

As people age, muscles become weaker, losing their density and elasticity. Aging can also influence the bone and joint structure of a person. Because of the aforementioned factors, it is normal for the elderly to feel pain and a reduced range of motion in their shoulders, knees, hips, and spine with all these issues. To offset these harsh effects of growing old, stretching is an important component.  

Stretching will help seniors maintain their flexibility, which they need to remain active and independent. This activity keeps the muscles and joints extra supple and pliant, allowing for better movement. Stretching is also an excellent method for relaxing and relieving tension. Incorporating stretching exercises with good posture and breathing will ensure that seniors maintain an excellent range of motion. The ability to move the body with all its joints properly and normally will assure that seniors can perform their activities seamlessly. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight And a Healthy Diet 

Diet and weight are strongly interrelated to physical activity. Someone who is physically active and eats right can maintain a healthier weight. With an ideal weight range, a senior can move more efficiently. Do keep in mind that excess pounds cause more stress on the fragile bones and joints of seniors. Consequently, it is simply easier to move around when a person is not carrying added weight.   

Though maintaining a healthy weight is important at any age, any excess weight issues are more harmful and detrimental for older adults. For instance, a 65-year-old who has high blood pressure must exercise and avoid salty and fatty foods. Failure to follow these recommended habits can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, these two issues are life-threatening, and recovery may eventually keep the senior bed bound. 

Begin Identifying Fall Hazards in the Home 

Because they have brittle bones, even simple falls can be detrimental to a senior. Sadly, any injury will worsen mobility problems. As such, it is essential to organize the home and get rid of clutter to avoid accidents. Take out to loose rugs, protruding wires, and other tripping hazards that can lead to falls. Because most adults in their golden years have poor eyesight, good lighting is vital. Pay attention to the lighting in bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. Install nightlights, too, for added visibility. 

Special care must be given to the bathroom, which is a slippery place. Installing safety equipment such as grab bars, raised toilets, and anti-slip mats will help seniors possessing a compromised sense of balance. For those who live alone, family members can install a home monitoring fall sensor or other medical alert devices that can connect the senior to helpful personnel with a touch of a button. 

Final Word

Keeping active has the power to improve a senior’s disposition, keeping depression and anxiety at bay. This is critical because these ill-feeling have the power to influence a person’s overall health. So the elderly can maintain a robust quality of life, it is crucial to foster hobbies, maintain independence, and engage in exercise. They can do these activities confidently when they are equipped with the right mobility aids and their immediate environment is safe. 

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