Everyday Ways to Reduce Your Toxic Exposure to Improve Your Health

Updated on February 18, 2022

There are so many options when it comes to approaching your health and wellness. On the one hand, there is the aspect of avoiding diseases caused by lifestyle choices. The focus on exercise and eating healthy foods is one consideration. Another one is to focus on illness prevention through immunizations, supplements, and focusing on a healthy immune system.

Additionally, there are toxins we are exposed to everyday that can cause cellular damage, leading to cancer and other diseases. With so many things outside of your control, how can you take control over the things within your grasp? There are simple ways to make swaps in your day-to-day living that can reduce your toxic exposure and improve your health. Here are some of the things to look for.

Toxins Lurking in Fragrances

Your favorite perfume or body spray could be contributing to some of your health issues. Did you know there are chemicals that are known to disrupt your endocrine system in some fragrances? These toxins may cause issues with fertility making it hard to get pregnant. They may also make it more difficult to lose weight. The hormones in your body are in a delicate balance and anything that disrupts that system can cause issues ranging from headaches to impotence.

Other toxins that lurk in your favorite laundry scents may contribute to lung health problems. Some people with asthma or COPD for instance may benefit from using fragrance-free detergents and cleaners. For some, these chemicals cause harsh lung responses making it difficult to breathe. By removing them, you’ll have fewer exacerbations of your illness.

Commitment to Better Cosmetics

Women put on multiple products worth of makeup almost every single day. Some of these products contain lead, arsenic, and other harmful ingredients. Better cosmetic testing would reveal to the average consumer what is hiding inside their favorite lipstick or face creams. When you’re looking for makeup, your skin will thank you if you stop using toxic options.

Look at all the ingredients and start researching them to discover what those chemicals are and what they can do to your system. Some of them are not cancer-causing and some of them are relatively safe, but others over time can build up in your body and cause health issues.

Enjoy Organic Foods

Eating organic isn’t just a fad. It’s about reducing the toxic load in your body. There is a list that comes out every year that’s called the dirty dozen. These are the top 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of chemicals from the farming process. While these chemicals are great for improving yield by making the plants resistant to herbicides and pesticides, they are not so great for human consumption. In some individuals, they lead to cancer, intestinal damage, and autoimmune diseases. To make organic foods more affordable, buy things in season, from local farmers. Avoid items on the dirty dozen list if they aren’t organic.

Drink Filtered Water

Some people like the taste of filtered water and it’s easy to understand why. Some people’s water tastes like a swimming pool because of the chemicals used in the water filtration systems in cities. These chemicals not only taste gross, but they also can cause health problems. If you’re especially sensitive to these chemicals, it’s best to avoid them by drinking water that’s been filtered at home. A good water filtration system will remove these chemicals so you not only have sanitary water but also have toxin-free water.

Wash Your Hands With Soap

Real soap is already antimicrobial. While hand sanitizers are good on the go and when you don’t have access to washing your hands at the moment, they can expose you to chemicals that aren’t good for you in high quantities. Some hand sanitizers are simply an alcohol-based solution, but others contain ingredients that are listed as pesticides. Washing your hands with warm soap and water is not only best for your skin but also keeps you from being exposed to toxic ingredients regularly.

Avoiding toxins is not possible to do 100% of the time. There are toxins in air pollution hiding in your homes. However, for those things that you put in and, on your body, you can easily make changes that reduce your toxic load and can improve your health in multiple ways.

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