Easy Ways To Modernize Your Dental Practice

Updated on March 23, 2022
Easy Ways To Modernize Your Dental Practice

Times are changing, but you haven’t updated your dental practice in a while. With these simple and easy ways to modernize your dental practice, you’ll be ready for the modern dental client. Read on for updates that will bring your office up to speed and please your patients in the process.

Modernize Your Décor

Update your office décor by following the newest trends in interior design. Rather than using beige for a neutral tone, opt for a more modern gray as your neutral. Add trendy living plants to give your office a pop of color.

Store in the Cloud

One of the best ways to modernize your dental practice is to make sure you are storing in Microsoft Azure safely. You can store more files, but you’ll want to be sure your clients’ data is HIPAA compliant. Protect their data so you can rest assured knowing that you are safe and compliant.

Go Paperless

Rather than handing out a reminder card to each patient, you can email them an invite to an event to save costs and paper. You can also email receipts to make sure you’re saving a tree wherever possible.

Send Text Reminders

Instead of having your receptionist call each patient to remind them of their appointments, reminders can be sent through texts. You’ll be more likely to get a confirmation with allowing a “YES” or “NO” response to confirm appointments. Your patients will thank you for saving them the trouble of another call.

Refresh Your Magazines

It’s no secret that clients will look for a magazine as they wait for an appointment. Update your magazines with more modern choices. Your clients will be pleasantly surprised when they need something interesting to read.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

If your clients aren’t reading a magazine, chances are they’re on their phones. Offering free Wi-Fi is another great way to pleasantly surprise your guests. They’ll be thanking you for helping them save on their data.