10 Best Places for ABA Therapy Services

Updated on July 29, 2022

ABA therapy is a treatment method for children with certain learning disabilities that focuses on three areas: social skills, communication skills, and behavior. ABA programs are very structured and designed to collaborate with families by using many of the same strategies that develop healthy emotional bonds. 

There are over 300 different ABA programs out there, which can make finding the best fit difficult for parents looking to find an ABA program or therapist for their child.

ABA therapy is based on the principle that parents and children interact to develop normal, positive relationships. This is why many therapists will ask parents to join them in the sessions. This is also why there are numerous benefits of in home ABA therapy, as it is easier for parents and children to interact in the comfort of their homes. ABA therapy uses a combination of parent training, activities and play therapy, and group therapy.

Some of the best places for ABA therapy are listed below:

New York City, NY

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ABA therapy is widely available in New York City, where many therapists have years of experience with ABA programs. The advantage of locating such talented therapists within close proximity to one another is that these therapists can work closely together and share their expertise on particular cases. 

New York City is also home to the Autism Treatment Center of New York, which offers day treatment, educational consulting, IEP assessment, and ABA therapy. In addition, New York City is home to the Kennedy Krieger Institute, one of the country’s foremost organizations for autism research and treatment.

Washington, DC

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The capital of the United States also provides a great environment for ABA therapy. Many of the therapists in Washington, DC, are parents and have first-hand experience with children with special needs. The proximity to many government agencies makes it possible for ABA therapists to collaborate with educators and other professionals working on a case. 

These agencies include The Children’s Hospital National Medical Center, the National Institute of Health, Fairfax County Department of Health and Human Services, etc.


One of the oldest states in the Union, Massachusetts also has a long history of providing high-quality healthcare for its citizens. Massachusetts is home to many excellent educational institutions like Harvard University, Tufts University, and Boston College. The therapeutic environment in Massachusetts is so encouraging that the state has been called “The Miracle on Several Hills” because these institutions have accomplished so many great things. Massachusetts Autism Commission and Autism Consortium have several great resources for ABA therapists in Massachusetts.


Close to 80% of ABA therapists in Michigan are affiliated with the University of Michigan. Highly trained therapists will work closely with each other and learn to establish the most effective therapy programs. The state’s Department of Education has a list of ABA teachers, therapists, & coaches that have passed qualifications. HMO health insurance companies in Michigan are also helping families find high-quality therapists and joining these agencies to promote ABA therapy services.

Seattle, WA

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The University of Washington hosts a dedicated ABA clinic that works with all people in Washington. The ABA clinic at the University of Washington is called WABA, an acronym for Washington Autism and Behavioral Assessment. 

This organization is actively promoting ABA therapy in Washington by sharing information about new resources, research findings, and training opportunities for therapists. The University of Washington also organizes introductory workshops and seminars for parents, therapists, and teachers.


Pennsylvania has a long history and reputation for excellent medical services. Children with special needs can enjoy the benefits of medical facilities like the Nemours Hospital, where they can get ABA therapy, known to be one of the best in the country. 

The Nemours Hospital supports ABA therapy by helping families find therapists and providing information about workshops hosted at pediatric hospitals in Pennsylvania.

Milwaukee, WI

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The Midwest region of the United States is home to several excellent ABA programs. Children in this area benefit from the expert training in Wisconsin, where they can get ABA services from therapists who have been working with children for years. The professional development opportunities for these therapists are supported by ABA organizations like Family Network on Disabilities, Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, and other Parent Training & Information Centers. 

Milwaukee boasts of top ABA educators who are also experts at behavior analysis. These educators help children in Milwaukee reach their full potential by providing them with the right social and psychological skills that will enable them to live independently.


ABA therapy is widely available in Colorado, where many therapists are trained by the University of Colorado College Of Education & Human Development. Colorado has over 100 childcare centers, including preschools, daycare centers, and educational programs for adults with special needs like Autism. Colorado’s best children’s hospitals are affiliated with the University of Colorado College. 

These hospitals are well-equipped with ABA therapists who help children deal with their emotional and behavioral problems. The University of Colorado College also organizes parenting workshops that provide parents with crucial information regarding special needs children’s social and psychological issues.

Cleveland, OHIO

The Cleveland Clinic started an ABA program in 2002 that has helped more than 500 children from around the country. The state of Ohio is also home to several non-profit organizations like Autism Society Of Greater Cleveland and Autism Speaks, which is dedicated to helping parents find ABA therapists and providing them with information about Autism. These healthcare organizations also provide free training opportunities for new ABA therapists.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is considered one of the best places in the U.S. to find ABA therapists. The state has an ABA program certified by the International Association of Behavioral Analysis (I-ABC). Therapists who are certified by I-ABC are trained and accredited at Biosystems Institute in San Diego, CA, by experts in ABA therapy and behavior analysis. 

Biosystems Institute has a highly qualified faculty and offers numerous workshops on ABA therapy & behavior analysis. New Hampshire is very active in improving ABA therapy standards and increasing awareness about ABA therapy.

In conclusion, ABA therapy is available across the U.S., and numerous organizations help parents access quality ABA programming. Suppose you are looking for professional ABA programs. In that case, you can start by contacting your local parent training & information center or special education services at schools in your area to find out about the availability of ABA therapists in your city.

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