Easy and natural ways to boost your memory

Updated on May 31, 2022

Memory and the ability to accurately recall the past is often taken for granted until it becomes difficult to remember even minute details. The inability to quickly pull to focus on an arbitrary fact can leave even the most patient person frustrated to the point of dwelling on the fumes of those lost thoughts. Not only does this hinder any potential productivity, but it can also go a step further and keep any person trapped inside their head without much awareness of the life that is passing by right in front of their eyes. No matter which way this problem is sliced, it can eat up many areas of life without so much as asking permission. With all this laid out, you can see why it is incredibly vital to do everything possible to ensure your memory stays as sharp. Author Kevin Horsley emphasized a deeper perspective, “Your memory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today because of your amazing memory. You are a data collecting being, and your memory is where your life is lived.”

Seeing as memory is so important, it seems everyone could use a few easy and natural ways to boost their memory. Below are the thoughts and opinions of those who have some knowledge of the best ways to go about doing so.

Fish oil

Chris Vaughn is the CEO of Emjay, a brand offering cannabis delivery in California. He believes one of the more popular health and wellness products can be a great benefit to anyone who makes it a part of their daily routine.

“If you took the time to ask your grandparents or other elderly folks in your life what kind of non-doctor prescribed medications they take regularly, I think you’d be surprised at the high number of responses that involve fish oil. From top to bottom, this supplement has been shown to have many health advantages to what seems like every aspect of the body. The most noticeable of these may just be memory function though. This isn’t to say that it’s a magic pill – if you’re looking for concrete results then fish oil must be taken regularly.”

Sleep enough

Nue Life specializes in mental wellness services. Their co-founder and CEO, Juan Pablo Cappello, suggests adequate rest will do wonders for a person’s memory.

“I think many of us perceive sleep to be like filling our cars with gas – it gives us the energy required to get from point A to point B in days so to speak. But what many of us fail to realize is that sleep plays a big part in the storage of memories. As your brain is resting, it rifles through the events of the day to make sense of them and to store them in a manner which leaves them as accurate as possible. The issue arises when people don’t sleep for the eight plus hours recommended to us because their brain doesn’t have the necessary time to store everything. That’s when the foggy memory starts to become very apparent.”


Getting the body moving is more than just a good outlet. Cleared is a business providing prescription allergy medication online. Their CMO and co-founder, Dr. Payel Gupta, considers physical activity to be a great help to the brain’s ability to recall memories.

“Due to the evolution of technology geared towards comfort and accessibility, most humans do not get the same level of exercise as those who lived one hundred years ago. However, to attain this, humans may have sacrificed some of their brain’s accessibility. This probably sounds more dramatic than it is. But the reality is any kind of exercise allows your brain, as well as every other organ, larger doses of oxygen rich blood which is excellent for memory. Brain activation starts with blood so get your brain going on the right foot.”

Reduced alcohol consumption

Lindsay McCormick is the founder and CEO of Bite is a brand offering environmentally wise hygiene products. She advises others to take a close look at the amount of alcohol they are consuming regularly.

“There is a lot of truth to the idea of everything in moderation. This is especially true of alcohol as it pertains to our memories. Let me be clear, I’m not saying we should stay away from drinking entirely, it’s just about how much. There are more than a few scientific studies to show that a continued pattern of getting drunk actively hurts our brains performance when it comes to putting memories together in the right order. You might just think that this is the case only while under the influence of alcohol and I can assure you that this is not the case. The longer your brain is exposed to excessive drinking, the more it will struggle.”

Brain challenges

JOI specializes in a unique delivery system for plant-based milk. Their CEO, Hector Gutierrez, believes that engaging one’s mind in exercises is a sure-fire way to promote memory retention.

“In a variety of ways, your brain is a muscle. Like any muscle, it only grows stronger the more it is used. Sometimes, our daily life does not involve the most stimulating activities, and this leads to our brains becoming stagnant. A stagnant brain is one that will have difficulty bringing up the specific details of memories that we’re trying to remember. From puzzles to crosswords or strategy games, there’s no shortage of options for methods to give your brain a workout. It’s up to you to keep your brain in shape so don’t let such an important responsibility fall by the wayside.”

Eat right

There is something to be said for good food regardless of the occasion. MitoQ is a business providing health supplements based on cell molecules Their head of customer acquisition, proposes a different approach to this daily staple.

“Food tends to be one of those things thought of one dimensionally when it is not demonstrative of this characteristic in the slightest. What do I mean by this? Well, because of the delicious nature of food, the focus tends to be on that aspect alone. But you should know, there’s more to food than just taste – whatever you put into your body is what you get out of it. Your brain is directly affected by the food you eat to the point where, if fed properly, it can perform above and beyond what you’ve experienced or even expected. Fruits, vegetables, and some specific proteins serve this purpose well so do your research.”

Think about the present

Orgain specializes in organic protein products. Their senior director of performance marketing & e-commerce, Jeff Goodwin, considers it vital to be mindful throughout each moment.

“Life has this way of overwhelming us even when we’ve tried our hardest to maintain our attention on what is happening right in front of us. Between work, personal lives, and the next attention-grabbing piece of social media, we’re kind of always operating at high capacity. This does a number on our memories. Think about it logically, how can you expect to remember something if you’re not experiencing it in the first place? This is exactly what happens when we’re not intentional about being present with our environment. It takes a little trial and error, but your mental health and competent memory will thank you.”

Consider organization

Reece Kresser is the co-founder of Zizi, a brand offering clients the ability to lower their cholesterol without medication He cautions others to be vigilant in their efforts to add structure to their everyday life.

“Brains and filing cabinets have a lot in common. Their strongest similarity is the way they are influenced by the user or owner of the respective item. For example, a filing cabinet is a great idea in a vacuum because it gives people the power to organize important documents. The word power is key here. Just because a person owns a filing cabinet does not mean their documents are organized automatically. It is up to the owner to do the organization. This same thing applies to your brain. Your brain is at its full potential when it is in a system of organization so consider introducing this.”

If it was possible for everything above to be summed up into a simple idea geared towards boosting your memory, then author Jayne Hardy accomplished this, “Life can be noisy. It can be exhausting too. There are too many things vying for our attention, and sometimes we inadvertently forget how important our wellbeing is.”

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