Easiest Ways of Getting Quality Rest at Home

Updated on October 26, 2020

Let’s start with a fun fact. Do you know most of us spend over 25% of our lives sleeping? It allows us to conclude that our body is designed in a way that rest is a vital part of our schedule, and for optimum functioning, we need to have a sound sleep. It lets our mind and muscles relax for the next day.

5 Ways to get better sleep

Better sleep at night allows us to perform better during the day and keep ourselves focused. Since you are going to spend over a quarter of your life sleeping, loosening your pocket on the right bedding, pillow and a Mela chill eucalyptus weighted blanket to improve the quality of sleep seems justified. These are a few tips you can follow to get quality rest at home. 

1. Do not allow light into your bedroom

Make sure you stay away from any source of light while having rest in your bedroom. Refrain from using a TV, tablet, and even your phone. These lights can harm your eyes and mess with your brain. This can also result in ruining your sleep schedule.

2. Plan out your dinner

Overeating and heavy meals use up a lot of energy to digest, and this may interrupt your sleep. For a night of uninterrupted sleep, you should eat your dinner about three hours before you sleep. However, a healthy snack or fruit is alright before bed. Foods like Oatmeal, bananas, and oranges boost your melatonin levels.

3. Pay attention to your bedroom

Having a clean surrounding is effective in inducing deep sleep. Keep your bedroom neat, and clear all the mess before going to sleep. Do not keep anything under your bed and keep excess pillows or blankets stored. Clean your furniture regularly, and make your bed before sleeping. 

4. Invest in comfortable bedding

Not many people realize this, but everyone has a different body and different requirements. Some are comfortable on a firm mattress while others like soft. There is a wide range of mattresses available to everyone. Spend time and money to find yourself the mattress suitable for your needs. Similarly, get yourself a pillow that is right for your spine and allows you to sleep in a comfortable position. 

5. Stick to your routine

Establishing a bedtime routine allows your body to predict your resting time and lets your body prepare itself as per the routine. Take time and think about your schedule and prepare a routine. Add what you can do to induce better sleep. Some like to take a warm bath or yoga before hitting the bed. Find out what works for you. 

In the End

The essential thing to do for getting quality rest is creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Physical rest comes down to a relaxed brain. If you manage to calm your nerves, you will let your muscles relax for a better start to the next day. Use good quality bedding and comforters and maintain a constant air temperature. A night of better sleep leads to a better day and hence a better life.

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