DrChrono vs Cerner: Which EMR Wins the Feature Race

Updated on April 22, 2022

Features are the most crucial factor that plays a vital role in EMR selection. It is a critical aspect as the providers decide the fate of EMR solutions on this basis. If software comes with exceptional features but at a heavy price, clinical providers still give it a thought. But if a vendor doesn’t offer quality services, its price tag doesn’t have any weightage, even if it comes with the lowest possible price. It is because for medical professionals delivering best-in-class patient care services is essential to hold a competitive position in the market. 

In this context, this post will share with you the features of two outstanding EMR platforms. One is DrChrono, and the other is Cerner EMR. We all know both these solutions offer impeccable services. That is why it is hard to choose between the two. This is why we decided to list down the prime features of DrChrono and Cerner healthcare to help you decide which of them offers a more suitable feature range for your practice. Read this SoftwareFinder post till the end to learn which system is superior in terms of the feature range. 

DrChrono EMR Features:

It is not possible to share a detailed overview of all the services offered, so we have decided to provide you with a general overview of its all products and the features they offer. Here you go:


DrChrono EMR features an all-inclusive EHR solution so providers can experience less screen time and more face time during patent interactions. The solution is highly customizable and adapts to the needs of practitioners. It is unrivaled when it comes to mobility for care providers can use this EHR solution on the go for effective clinical management. Reviews of DrChrono reveal that his EMR offers innovative shortcuts to save providers a bundle of time. 

  • Telehealth
  • Custom MACROS
  • Custom Templates
  • Speech-to-text Recognition
  • Drawing Tools
  • eRx With ECPS
  • Custom Vitals 
  • Lab Integrations

Practice Management 

The practice management solution of DrChrono EMR is known for optimizing clinical efficiency. It allows the administrative staff to work with a stress-free mind and saves time by automating intricate and time-consuming tasks. It effortlessly sorts everything from patient check-ins to check-outs by equipping clinical staff with high-grade technology. It helps tackle all new challenges with excellence and helps practices excel at what they do. 

  • Appointment Profiles
  • Automated Email and Text Reminders
  • Patient Check-in Kiosk
  • Scheduling Tool
  • Practice Chat
  • Customizable Patient Flags
  • OnPatient Pateint Portal

Medical Billing

Besides handling the front-desk workload, DrChrono EMR offers outstanding medical billing features to minimize back-office workload too. It helps with bill processing to maximize the clinical revenue at the least possible cost. The vendor provides integrated billing services to improve the financial health of practices bu addressing all the billing needs of practitioners. It assures a higher payment collection rate followed with minimized denial rate. 

  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Billing Statements
  • Auto-Generated HCFA 1500 Forms
  • Billing Profiles
  • Claims Submission to Emdeon
  • TriZetto Billing Processing


DrChrono EMR features an in-built clearinghouse to optimize the revenue stream of medical practices. Reviews of DrChrono EMR illustrate that it provides users with cutting-edge technology to boost thier billing experience. Its endless services enable care providers to focus more on their patients and less on the billing intricacies. In addition, it offers compliance in-house and cloud-based services to maintain the income stability of practices. 

  • Medical Coding
  • Billing Services
  • Payment Collection
  • Denial Resolution
  • Denial Analysis

Cerner EMR Features:


Cerner EMR, being an integrated cloud-based system, features best-in-class and intuitive clinical tools. It enhances the efficiency of medical practices by featuring a centralized dashboard to handle all clinical operations. It takes the hassle out of charting and documentation with next-level documenting tools. And in doing so, it improves the patient experience with meaningful interactions and the best possible patient care services.

  • Imaging 
  • Eprescription
  • Lab integration
  • Pharmacy Integration
  • Outpatient EHR
  • Patient Engagement
  • Secured Communication 
  • Telehealth
  • Dragon Voice Recognition
  • Health Analytics

Practice Management:

The practice management module of Cerner EMR in fully integrated with the software and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of practices. It helps staff bypass the energy-draining tasks with automated tools like patient kiosks. Moreover, it removes the need for redundant tasks, which enhances clinical productivity. With all this, clinical administrators can work more efficiently, which paves the way to success for practices. 

  • Patient Demographics
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Calendar Overview
  • Patient Registration 
  • Patient Tracking
  • Managing Patient Infux
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Kiosk

Medical Billing:

Cerner EMR features a robust medical billing solution to streamline the revenue workflow. It effortlessly deals with all the challenges in the financial stream to nurture a smooth financial cash flow. It works as a strategic partner of medical practices and aligns its services accordingly. This seamless and efficient system addresses all the medical billing needs efficiently to improve the financial health status of practices with clean claim submission rates. 

  • Medical Coding 
  • Real-time charge connection
  • Document Authorization
  • Pre-registration
  • Bills Processing
  • Credit Card Integration


Reviews illustrate that the RCM service of Cerner EMR works with the aim of reducing the turnaround denial rates. It helps boost the revenue stream will a low denial resolution rate and high acceptance rate. It is also mentioned in the reviews that Cerner EMR offers a dedicated team of billing professionals to improve the cash flow of clinics. Its high-quality revenue cycle services. It effortlessly handles all intricated and time-consuming financial operations.

  • Claims Management 
  • Claims Scrubbing
  • Financial Clearance
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Payment Collection 
  • Financial Performance Tracking
  • Denial Management

DrChrono EHR VS Cerner EMR: Your Pick

It won’t be an understatement to say that DrChrono EMR features more impressive and innovative services than Cerner. For practices which work on a fundamental level with an intermediatrory patient influx Cerner is the best option. But for enterprise-scale practices that have more tasks at hand to manage simultaneously, there is no better option than DrChrono EMR. Even the reviews are given by the user’s praise DrChrono for its impeccable functionalities. Cerner is also applauded as per the user reviews, but the services of DrChrono work at a next level that is unbeatable. 

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