Different Essential Oil Uses in Modern Health Care

Updated on January 30, 2023
Different Essential Oil Uses in Modern Health Care

Aromatherapy has existed throughout most of human history, as many ancient societies benefited from this medical intervention. Before modern medicine, people used various plant materials for their immune-boosting qualities to fight off infections and ease symptoms of illness. Aromatherapy has also helped people combat mental health issues.

This traditionally holistic way of medicine still has value in our world today. Here are the different essential oils uses in modern health care you should know.

Pre- and Post-Surgery

A modern marvel of medicine, surgery can be a traumatic experience. Even the thought of being put under before an operation can be enough to scare even the bravest patient. To make the surgical process easier for individuals, many hospitals use essential oils before and after procedures. Lavender is known to reduce stress and anxiety, so many nurses administer lavender fragrances to patients before giving anesthetics. This practice keeps the heart rate low and induces sleep more easily.

Waking up from surgery can be complicated, so some hospitals use citrus scents to expedite the process. These essential oils raise alertness and minimize pain as the patient leaves a procedure.

These forms of aromatherapy are more of a complementary aid to surgery, but they can be valuable to anxious individuals.

Mental Health Alternatives

Modern health-care systems focus heavily on the battle against mental health issues. Studies show that one in every five Americans will suffer from mental deficiencies during their lives, so having necessary medical interventions to help people who are struggling is vital.

Antidepressants are designed for this purpose, but they’re often overprescribed. Some patients might benefit more from essential oil treatments, as many cultures historically relied on aromatherapy for mental healing. For individuals suffering from minor cases of depression and anxiety, consider recommending essential oils such as lavender, ginger, and bergamot. These plant materials have fragrances that reduce stress and help minds relax. Using essential oils in tandem with pharmaceuticals is a great way to treat mental health issues naturally.

Boosted Immune System

A lot of helpful medications out there, such as antibiotics, can dampen our immune systems. This side effect is relatively rare and almost always temporary, but it does make the recovery process from other illnesses more difficult. Additionally, there aren’t many preemptive pharmaceuticals available to combat the flu and common cold, which infect millions of Americans every year.

Amazingly, certain essential oils do significantly boost one’s immune system. Certain compounds found in natural oils stimulate immune system responses, increase the activity of infection-fighting cells, and lower inflammation. To better prepare patients’ immune systems for illnesses, consider aromatherapy as a treatment method.

As you can see, there are many different essential oil uses in modern health-care that are valuable treatment methods. It’s important to prescribe the most effective medicines to treat illnesses and injuries, but it’s also worth considering the many benefits of medical aromatherapy.