Healthcare Management

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Revenue Cycle Management

Use Cases and Risks for AI, Blockchain and Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle 

John Hataway

The future of the healthcare revenue cycle involves leveraging emerging technology while maintaining the human-centric element of healthcare. Emerging capabilities ...


As State Laws Change, Clinicians Need Medical Malpractice Legal Representation

Richard Cahill, JD

Patients who become plaintiffs through pursuing medical malpractice litigation against a clinician have traditionally been required to demonstrate, to a ...

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When Patients Pay the Bill for High-Cost Services: Navigating Patient Financial Engagement 

Tom Furr

At a time when nearly 40% of consumers have cut back on necessities to pay for medical care, the pressures ...


Battling the New Healthcare Crisis: Inflation and Rising Cost of Healthcare Pushing Insured Americans to the Brink

Jonathan Moss

The combined forces of inflation, rising medical costs, and higher out-of-pocket insurance costs are creating unsustainable financial stress for commercially ...

How To Start a Successful Medical Technology Company

Why HCM Technology Is Critical In Healthcare

Melissa Stewart

The healthcare sector, with its vast workforce and specific needs, has always presented unique human resources challenges. With the ever-changing ...