Care Options Your Agency Can Provide to People with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Updated on May 23, 2021

A person with ABI has various issues affecting their cognitive functions. Some of them include memory, ability to reason logically and abstracted thoughts. Other major problems that people with ABI face include;

  • increased fatigue both physical and mental 
  • behavioral and personality changes
  • various issues in concentration, communication and memory
  • physical and sensory abilities changes
  • change in the way they think and learn
  • slow speed in processing information and solving problems
  • On severe situations, the person may have problems with mobility, swallowing, visual and object manipulation. 

As a family, it becomes important to get Disability Care Gold Coast to ensure people with ABI can carry out their normal activities with support. If you have an agency that cater for people with ABI, the services you provide should be geared towards the specific needs of the person. You also need to ensure that every patient is assigned a coordinator. Here are care options your agency can give to people with ABI, whether in home or in the facility. 

Home Care

Home care assistance involves providing a service provider at the home of the person with the condition. This can include some of your nurses or therapist. So, the person you assign at the home of the patient will be responsible of various things like;

  • Managing and administering medication
  • Speech and occupational therapy
  • Showering
  • Exercise
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Bedtime preparation
  • Monitoring and controlling anxiety and other issues
  • Eating supervision, and more. 

The patient or their family may want your staff to be available for some hours to ensure the patient’s needs are catered for. It provides them with peace of mind when a staff is available to help in managing these challenges. 

Meal Delivery

Considering that a person with ABI may have a problem in cooking, carrying out their normal activities and even shopping, you may decide to offer meal delivery services to them. You can start a program where you deliver a whole diet meal right at the door of the patient. So, there will be no need to cook or go out for shopping. These meals are important to help the person maintain their health and strength. You can make sure that the food will provide all the required nutrients and hydration.

Day Care Programs for Adults

You can join your local community and start an adult day care program. Such day cares are similar to child daycare, only that here, people bring their adults. You can create an environment where people with ABI and other conditions can be fed, feel loved and involve them in various activities. If you don’t have enough funds to cover the program, you can look for private sponsors to assists. Adult daycare is imperative to help their families have peace of mind while their loved one is receiving care at a comfortable home. 

Respite Care

You can decide to rescue the primary caregivers for people living with ABI.  These caregivers have a hard and busy time and will need a break from time to time. In addition to your home services, you can decide to offer respite care for caregivers you would like to take a break or run other errands. 

Palliative Care

A person with ABI will also benefit from palliative care. You can offer this type of care in your facility to ensure the patient is comfortable and able to do the little things they still can without needing much help. All you need is to ensure your facility has all it takes to give hospice and palliative care to patients with ABI.


People living with ABI can need a special kind of attention. Considering that they have problems with the above-mentioned areas, the people who take care of them have a busy time. They sometimes need to supplement this care at home or in a facility to allow them to do other important things in their lives. So, your facility can come between the patients and their families to provide the services these people need. The above are some of the best options you can take to care for people with ABI.

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