Bone Up to Find the Right College

Updated on August 29, 2023

High school students and their families are faced with a number of decisions that can have a tremendous impact on the next, very formative stage in a student’s life. By taking an honest assessment of their own goals and interests, college candidates can narrow their search and ease their stress.

Zoom In on List

Considering that there are 4,300 colleges and universities in the U.S., about 1,625 of which are public, 1,690 are private non-profit and 990 are private for-profit, the number of choices can seem enormous. Students are advised not to choose a college or university-based solely on ranking, proximity or popularity.

Other recognized achievements such as Grand Canyon University accreditation can help weigh choices in selecting a college.

Find That Strength

Considerations for building a list of potential colleges and then narrowing it down include academic focus on the student’s career intentions. For example, career interest in accounting or engineering should focus on finding schools with strong accounting or engineering departments.

Any good research effort should include corroboration. For example, college status is confirmed at Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals.

Visiting Campus

A comprehensive list of candidate colleges should small, medium and large campuses. Likewise, campus culture, student life, resources and appearance can all impact a decision. Students are encouraged to visit as many potential college choices as practical before they even try to get a college scholarship.

Finance Support

How to finance a post-secondary education plays a key role in the decision. Attending a university can be expensive and burden graduates or their families with debt that takes years to pay off.

Realistic discussions with family members can help evaluate choices that may not be practical. Research shows that grants and scholarships comprise 31% of an average family’s college costs.

The stress that comes with making a good choice of which college to attend can be eased with research and frank discussions about goals and finances.

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