Benefits of a Data Center for Your Practice

Updated on November 18, 2021
Benefits of a Data Center for Your Practice

Data is ubiquitous in every industry, and the world of health care is no exception. The storage and transmission of large files of diagnostic imaging and other patient records make secure data storage efforts more difficult. For the billions of patients that pass through hospitals and medical practices every year, health care facilities need software and data with security to meet HIPAA standards, constant access, and fast connections.

Explore the benefits of a data center for your practice to make data management for your patients easier and more secure.

Get Protection From Power Outages

When you outsource your data storage, you reduce the chances that a power failure will have dire consequences on your medical practice. Keeping servers onsite means that a power outage, even if it’s just for a few minutes, could trigger downtime that leaves your patient information unavailable for hours.

Reduce Costs

Businesses in the U.S. lose billions of dollars every year to power outages. Data centers can reduce the costs associated with power outages because they typically have systems that can withstand conditions that might hinder the power supply to office buildings.

You could operate an onsite data center with the same resources, but there would be significant energy costs from implementing a sophisticated power supply—not to mention the costs associated with cooling the servers and other essential data center equipment.

Have a Secure & Quick Connection

Trusting a data center with sensitive data gives your practice the ability to access the data quickly and securely. Some organizations with on-site servers don’t have the ability to access a fast Internet connection with a dedicated IT monitoring traffic flow to make sure they’re always on. But data centers can deliver much larger bandwidth with the proper oversight.

Create Room To Grow

With an onsite server, you would only have so much room to grow, but by outsourcing to a data center, you can expand quickly. Colocation data centers provide a hybrid data center model that combines the traditional server with a cloud server. This dual purpose gives you the ability to scale your practice up fast if and when the need arises. No need to worry about all the faxed documents you’ve done with Mfax anymore too. Everything is ready for you whenever you need them.

The benefits of a data center for your practice include ensuring that your patients’ information is always secure and accessible while giving you the room to grow to make room for new patients.