Basic Information That You Should Know About Dental Crowns

Updated on May 29, 2020

Your dental health determines the quality of your bite and smile. With the dental crowns, you can replace missing teeth and enamel. At Scott Young DDS, Dr. Young is ensuring that all The Woodlands dental crowns are well taken care of professionally. Scott Young DDS is an ideal destination for patients in need of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

What is a Dental Crown?

The crown is a cover for your damaged tooth covering and strengthening them to ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition.  The crown ensures that your teeth are in perfect form with the appropriate size and appearance. It ensures that your teeth are covered from the gum up. It improves the quality of your bites, smiles, and self-esteem when interacting with others.

Why Would I Need A Dental Crown?

There is a variety of reasons why you may need a dental crown(s). Besides improving the appearance of your damaged tooth, it can also cover a dental implant or wrongfully sharpened tooth. Besides enhancing the look, a crown can also solidify a weak tooth. In most cases, teeth are weakened by decay, and big fillings can make you uncomfortable.

The crown improves your appearance, that of your teeth while protecting and holding weak teeth together. The crown protects your teeth for more years coming as well as enamel while getting rid of discomfort caused by inappropriate fillings and blemishes on your dental formula.

Advantages of All-Ceramic Crowns

·   The all-ceramic crown is of high quality and highly durable.

·   It enhances your self-esteem by improving the aesthetic appearance of damaged teeth.

·   It mimics the enamel in appearance and durability, making them ideal for all types of teeth. Someone cannot tell the difference between natural enamel and all-ceramic crowns.

·   All-ceramic crowns do not rub against surrounding teeth in a manner that wears out the enamel.

What to Expect When Getting a Dental Crown

For dental crowns, you can make at least two visits to the center. Your first appointment involves an x-Ray that determines the teeth in need of a crown. Dr. Young then administers anesthesia, files, or builds up your teeth to make them ready for crown attachment. 

An impression of the damaged teeth is sent to the LVI lab by Dr. Young to facilitate the creation of a custom-made crown. Before the completion of a permanent crown, Dr. Young places a temporary crown on the teeth of interest.

Other Services Offered

Apart from dental crowns, you can also visit Scott Young, DDS for;

·       Cosmetic veneers

·       Oral surgery

·       Periodontology

·       Dental implants

·       Sedation dentistry

·       Sleep apnea

·       General dentistry

·       Gingivitis

·       TMJ Treatment

·       Implant-supported dentures

·       Teeth whitening

Why Visit Scott Young, DDS?

·   At the practice, you are assured of customized treatment to meet your individual needs.

·   You can benefit from the cosmetic and general dentistry offered at the center.

·   Dr. Scott Young and his team are certified in the provision of quality dental care.

·   You can make a physical or virtual visit to improve the quality of your smiles.

For reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, you can contact Scott Young, DDS though a phone call or request an appointment online. 

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