HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? A Call to the Outreach Courageous

Updated on April 11, 2019
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I am in the final days of writing and organizing The Book of Outreach; How to Astonish Customers & Earn Flight Requests. 19 years in Critical Medical Aviation and 39 years in healthcare, nearly an entire lifetime Outreaching. The essentials for Outreach success are in the book, the companion Webinar series about to launch, and the Video-based online Learning Management System. If you truly aspire to be effective at Outreach what we have created will work.

However – there may be some Outreach frustrations you may have or some challenges you are facing that you hope will be in our content – but – you’d like to make sure we cover.

Here is your opportunity to communicate this. And we are so looking forward to your input.

Now – we know that many out there believe they know it all about Outreach so this is not for you.

We also know that many do not want to admit that there are things they want to know about Outreach but they do not want anybody to know they have questions or concerns. It’s the ego thing. Almost all of us have this problem. I know I do.

Recently – my wife really helped me to overcome this. In her infinite wisdom – during a time when things were not going as I had hoped and I was getting really angry and frustrated (the older I get the more I do this) she got eye to eye with me and stated, “Your ego will never save the day.” Take a moment – please – and ruminate on that. Your ego will never save the day.

Individuals are counting on us. Innocent children with their lives ahead of them. Their mothers, fathers, siblings and other loved ones are counting on us. Customers that make flight requests are trusting in us, counting on us to give all the highest probability of a positive outcome.

So – if your flight service is the safest and most capable – will your Outreach be so effective that you are first in your market space to be earning the flight requests?

Your ego will never save the day – your courage to gain Outreach knowledge and your courage to ask about what you do not know will. So – HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Repeat…

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We are reaching out to courageous Outreachers to express what it is you crave to know so that we can do all we can to include this in the book, webinar series, and video-learning system. Below are the 7 Core Skill Sets – please ask related to these – or the other questions below – or whatever it is that will help us formulate content aligned with what is most timely and relevant for you and your flight program’s Outreach.

Core Skill Sets; About What Do You Crave to Know

How to set up customers for success

How to categorize and triage customers

How to create and execute an Outreach plan

How to measure Outreach success

How to orchestrate awesome place-based and digital Outreach events

How to manage customer complaints and conflicts

How to innovate and create new and compelling Outreach initiatives


What is really frustrating for you?

What might be keeping you up at night (aside from too much caffeine)?

What’s working but you want to amplify the effect?


If you prefer your identity remain confidential – done deal. This will remain confidential.

If what you communicate is something you would not mind being linked to if it is published in The Book of Outreach;  simply confirm, “It’s okay to acknowledge my courage and Outreach brilliance.”


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Okay – I am not a webpage / BLOG wizard. And I want to get to this so I am not going to devote the precious time that I could be refining and completing The Book of Outreach trying to create a survey or configure some form here okay?

Just e.mail me. And note – this is a new e.mail that will correspond with a new website coming soon.

Express what you desire to know e.mail to:                   [email protected] or text 330.623.5910

And as my wife’s wisdom evokes, “Your ego will never save the day.” Your quest for Outreach know-how will when it increases the probability that your flight program will be first to earn the flight requests.

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